Workshops for Educators

The Paley Center offers professional training workshops for educators as part of its role as a community resource and also to help develop an informed audience. Workshops focus on how to use television and radio to enrich existing classroom curricula and stress the importance of focused viewing, listening, and discussion when using media as a teaching tool.

Teaching with Television

Education programs at The Paley Center for Media use television as a catalyst for learning and as a means for helping teachers meet curriculum standards. This workshop is also available through videoconferencing originating from the New York City location. Click on Videoconferencing for more information.

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History Film Club

In partnership with the New York City Department of Education, The Paley Center for Media’s education department has created a History Film Club in order to provide teachers with strategies to effectively use mainstream movies in conjunction with American and Global history curriculum.

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Political Advertising

This workshop trains teachers to facilitate discussions for high students on the subject of political advertisements—from the past fifty years to the present—to illustrate how candidates attempt to win the hearts, minds, and votes of the American people.  It will focus on techniques of political advertising, target audience and demographics, how advertising conveys leadership, and the role of policy in campaign ads.

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Educational Resources

Find online curricula, online media resources, and a place for you to discuss educational issues.

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