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Watch a quick overview of who we are at the Paley Center and what we do, from Pat Mitchell, Les Moonves,  Jeff Zucker, Anne Sweeney, and others.

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The media world has changed dramatically since our founder, William S. Paley, created this institution as a way to preserve our cultural heritage as expressed through television and radio.  

While these media remain hugely important, media as a whole—across all platforms and national boundaries—has changed how we receive news and entertainment, and in the process, how we think about ourselves, our culture, and other societies.

As the media industry evolves to meet the new challenges and opportunities of the digital marketplace, so too has The Paley Center for Media, which embraces and celebrates the reality of a more fully converged world.

We are a unique resource in the field of media literacy. Each year thousands of students and educators from the grade school to university levels participate in Paley Center classes and events, which use or collection to explore how to be critical consumers of the media that is an increasingly large part of their daily lives.

Moreover, as media companies navigate this time of unprecedented change and opportunity, The Paley Center for Media is an invaluable resource for exploring industry trends and identifying shifts in consumer behaviors to develop new strategies and business models. 

I hope you will join our community of media enthusiasts in whatever way is right for you.

Come visit the Centers in New York and Los Angeles, become a Member to help us keep the important conversations going, and join us for the special evenings described on this website.

Pat Mitchell
President & CEO
The Paley Center for Media