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About metaLayer

metaLayer takes sophisticated algorithms like sentiment analysis, influence detection, and optical character recognition and distills the use of such technologies into a drag and drop experience. This allows anyone to draw meaningful conclusions from complex datasets instead of relying upon experts or expensive products. Users can then share insights and the compelling visualizations they’ve created either within our community or with their own audience.

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undefinedJonathan Gosier 

Founder and Director of Product

Jonathan Gosier is a designer, software developer, and serial entrepreneur. He formerly served as director of SwiftRiver at Ushahidi, building an open-source platform for making sense of realtime data. SwiftRiver's mission was to filter streaming social content to enable users to discover relevant messages from social media sources during times of crisis. Gosier founded the African tech firm Appfrica in 2008.

Christopher Burrage 

Director of Business Development

Christopher Burrage is a business strategist and startup guru with business development experience across multiple startups. In an earlier life, Burrage was a management consultant with Deloitte Consulting LLP in their Strategy & Operations practice.  Burrage is an enthusiastic graduate of Bowdoin College where he double majored in Economics and Government and is also an outdoor adventurer and avid skier.

Coached by:  Eric Hippeau, Partner, Lerer Ventures; and Saul Hansell, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Betaworks; Founder, Sii Media, Inc.

Presenting March 22, 2012 

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