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 From NewsiT's NBT presentation at the Paley Center on November 17, 2011.



About NewsiT

NewsiT is a mobile 'crowd-reporting' platform for citizens to create and share quality news of personal relevance. The smart-phone is the new newsroom: Millions of people are already creating content, but who is ensuring it is accurate, trustworthy, sell-able, scalable? That's where NewsiT comes in. NewsiT combines the power of social networking, efficiencies of algorithms, motivation, rewards and fun of 'gamification' and editorial judgment of professional journalists to ensure original high-quality news of a relevance, depth and value not possible before.

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undefinedMelinda Wittstock 

Founder and CEO

Melinda Wittstock is a serial entrepreneur, social media evangelist, and award-winning TV, radio and print journalist with 25 years of experience in New York, Washington and London. Her career spans BBC Radio and TV News, ABC News, National Public Radio, MSNBC/CNBC as well as London's Times, Guardian, and Observer newspapers. She has built companies, managed teams large and small, created award-winning content and interactive web products, driven traffic, ratings and revenue. Her grandmother was the first to tell her she was "disruptive" at age 5 with her first $100 earned on a neighborhood "cartwheel" business. NewsiT is her second company; she also founded and built Capitol News Connection to serve more than 200 public radio stations with award-winning localized coverage of Congress as its CEO. Brought up in New York and Toronto, she graduated with an Honors B.A. in political science from McGill University. At age 22 she joined the London Times as a business reporter and then media correspondent and never looked back. She is singularly focused now on transforming the news business with a new model that is 'win-win-win' for consumers, advertisers and media companies. Melinda lives in Washington D.C. with her husband Mark McDonald, their two young children, Sydney and Finn, and opinionated golden retriever, Josie.

Coached by:Elizabeth Spiers, Editor-in-Chief, The New York Observer; and Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer, NBC News 

Presenting March 22, 2012

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