Window to the Middle East

Arab TV Highlights

Highlights include: The Opposite Direction (Al Jazeera TV, Qatar); Islamic Law & Life (Al Jazeera TV, Qatar); Imam Miraghi (Nile TV, Egypt); An Eye on Events (Tunis 7, Tunisia); and more.

Al Itijah Al Mu’akess • The Opposite Direction (Al Jazeera TV, Qatar) Modeled on the Crossfire format, this show is even fiercer and more tumultuous than its Western counterparts. From the very beginning in November 1996, the show and the channel were a hit with audiences all over the Arab world and abroad for taking on highly sensitive political, cultural, and religious issues.

Al Shari’a Wal Hayat • Islamic Law & Life (Al Jazeera TV, Qatar) A very popular show featuring the controversial Islamic scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi. He is often criticized by both extremist and moderate Muslims for his opinion on questions posed by viewers, like the fate of suicide bombers or the war in Iraq.

On the Road in America (MBC TV, Middle East Broadcasting Center, Dubai, UAE) A television series produced by Layalina Productions about young Arabs crisscrossing the United States to educate themselves and others. 

Marti Wa Ana • My Wife & I (LBC TV, Lebanon) A funny sitcom filmed in Beirut that touches on married life, inlaws, and social events.

Al Imam Miraghi • Imam Miraghi (Nile TV, Egypt) A traditional series with the Imam of Al Azhar that deals with issues ranging from religion to politics and corruption. Has a great appeal to an older generation.

Hala Show (Rotana, Saudi Arabia) Described as a talk show with a twist. Hala Sarhan is one of the Arab world’s most famous media figures. Intellectuals and celebrities, especially from the music industry, discuss and debate all sorts of issues. This clip shows one of the Middle East’s most famous actors, Omar Sharif.

Bayna Jihatein • Caught Between Two Fronts (Abu Dhabi TV, UAE) A miniseries tackling terrorism and the struggle between extremists and moderates.

Ala Toul El Ayyam • As Long as the Days Last (Syria TV, Syria) The Syrian version of the soap opera Days of our Lives. 

Sabah El Kair Iraq • Good Morning Iraq (Al Iraqiya TV, Iraq) The show attempts to create a sense of normality in a country torn by war, where scenes of death and destruction dominate television broadcasts. This particular episode deals with shopping for wedding rings.

Ya Ein Seidi • An Eye on Events (Tunis 7, Tunisia) A variety show that combines music, humor, and interviews.


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