Brit Wits: Coogan vs. Gervais

Extracurricular Work

Coogan and Gervais have both toured with stand-up comedy routines, Coogan's featuring a variety of character pieces, Gervais's focusing on observational humor. Reviews of Coogan's act have been mixed, while Gervais has received mostly good notices for his efforts.

Gervais has also produced a plethora of hilarious podcasts, featuring himself, Merchant, and oddball comic Karl Pilkington.

On talk shows, Gervais is a terrific guest, spontaneously hilarious and engaging; he has become a favorite of hard-to-please David Letterman. Coogan usually comes off less well, appearing arch and a bit aloof. He lacks Gervais's "common touch," and generally seems uncomfortable in this format.

Advantage: Gervais

He's just better at being "himself," and is naturally funny in the role. Coogan does better when immersing himself in a specific role he can flesh out—he would likely be a terrific sketch performer, a British sort of Martin Short or Eugene Levy. Someone give Christopher Guest his number.

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