Interactive Sessions

Videos from the four Interactive Sessions:



Newsroom 2020

A focused discussion on the practical and technical skills required to make it as a journalist in the 21st century.

Discussion with:
Jean Folkerts, Dean, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UNC
Ed Pilkington, New York Bureau Chief, The Guardian

Social Media and Journalism

Information sharing has never been so easy-but how can online communities play a role in news gathering and what can be done to ensure accuracy?

Discussion with:
Robert Mackey, Blogger, The Lede, The New York Times
J. Max Robins, VP and Executive Director, Industry Programs, The Paley Center
Rachel Sterne, CEO, Ground

The News 21 Experience

Hear from the leaders of this revolutionary project launched by the Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism. There will also be a short presentation by Thomas E. Patterson, Research Director of the Shorenstein Center; and Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press, Harvard Kennedy School, on the Journalist's Resource, a new Web site designed to promote knowledge-based reporting and another project of the Carnegie-Knight Initiative.

Discussion with:
Jody Brannon, National Director, News21

The New World of International News

International news coverage has steadily diminished over the past decade. What, in a digital world, can be done to combat this trend?

Discussion with:
Neil Henry, Dean, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Kira Kay, Cofounder, Bureau for International Reporting
Kelly Golnoush Niknejad, Founder, Tehran Bureau