One in this series of educational children's programs that teaches numbers and the alphabet, along with social and cultural concepts, to pre-schoolers. Set on the fanciful urban block of Sesame Street, the series features Jim Henson's live-action Muppets, animation, short films, and a cast of adults and children.

In this episode, Big Bird, with help from his family and friends, learn how to rebuild his nest, which had been destroyed by a recent hurricane. Big Bird looks to the three little pigs for help in choosing a nest's design, but he doesn't like their straw, stick or brick concepts. Calling his Granny Bird, she tells him to gather twigs and depend on his instincts. Big Bird then directs his friends on how to add mud and string to the twigs, thus forming the shape of a nest.

Other highlights in the episode include the following: a song about taking a breath that features live-action animals; skits with Prairie and Mr. Wolf about the letter K; an animated song about the thoughts in one's head; counting up to 9, which is the number of the day; a demonstration of making pottery by Batty the dog; saying the entire alphabet while doing karate; a film about children making airplanes out of construction paper and popsicle sticks; and Elmo and singer Diana Krall performing "Everybody's Song" with the Sesame Street gang. The episode ends with a segment of Elmo's World -- a world drawn by crayons. Elmo goes bird watching, then asks Mr. Noodle to imitate various birds' sounds. Elmo also gets an e-mail from Bert and his pigeon, Bernice; watches a film about a girl on her farm who raises ducks; and learns how to do the Bird Dance after tuning in to The Bird Channel.

Cataloging of this program was made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


  • DATE: March 29, 2001 Thursday 7:00 AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:58:47
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:69130
  • GENRE: Children's
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Animation
  • SERIES RUN: PBS - TV series, 1969-


  • Diana Krall … Guest, Performer
  • Sonia Manzano … Cast, Maria
  • Alan Muraoka … Cast, Alan
  • Roscoe Orman … Cast, Gordon
  • Alison Bartlett O'Reilly … Cast, Gina
  • Emilio Delgado … Cast, Luis
  • Bob McGrath … Cast, Bob
  • Loretta Long … Cast, Susan
  • Desiree Casado … Cast, Gabi
  • Imani Patterson … Cast, Miles
  • Linda Bove … Cast, Linda
  • Caroll Spinney … Cast, Big Bird, Voice, Oscar, Voice