Human Giant Video Contest



Congratulations to the winners of our Human Giant Video Contest! The six filmmakers below (a slate that includes a bonus sixth winner) will receive a one-year Individual membership to the Paley Center for Media.

Check out the videos below, along with the comments by the guys from Human Giant. Thanks to everyone who submitted a video.

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Human Giant Video Contest Continues...

Nate and Greg - by Nathan Dern

Human Giant: "Great job—really really funny and well-executed!"



Giant Rambo Fan - by Nick Spears

Human Giant: "This is better than the last three Rambo movies!"


The Upcoming Visit - by Shawn Wickens

Human Giant: "This is the most effective anti-drug sock puppet PSA we've ever seen."


Attachment - by Jaime Castillo

Human Giant: "Always beware of a man with a pinwheel."


Paul Bunyan: Perfume for Men - by Kevin Wolkober

Human Giant: "This stuff beats Axe Body Spray any day."


Hit - by John Castaldo

Human Giant: "Watch out, Jason Statham: This guy is the new Transporter."