IC 2010 Monte Carlo

On Wednesday, June 9, 2010 in Monte Carlo, the Paley Center for Media's International Council gathered the world's top innovators for high-level talks on the viewing experience of the future.  The program focused conversations on the development of innovative new platforms and the dynamic programming that play on them.  Interviews were conducted with top CEOs from around the world and included closed-door sessions on the viewing experience of the future. 

The question was asked:  What does the future hold for serialized television, sports, interactive reality programming, 3D, remote social viewing, and beyond?  The industry leaders who answered included Dick Wolf, famed crime show producer, Kenneth Plummer of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Ben Pyne from Disney and Annie Wegelius from Swedish Television.  From the latest set-top boxes and smart monitors to Internet delivery and mobile devices, IC 2010 Monte Carlo examined the impact of new screens on markets worldwide. 

IC 2010 Monte Carlo was part of the 50th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo Television Festival.  Delegates were invited to attend all sessions of the festival that took place over the course of the week.  The meeting sponsors included Booz & Company, The Nielsen Company and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  To find out if you are eligible to become an IC member, contact Max Robins, Vice President and Executive Director of Industry Programs at the Paley Center for Media at 212-621-6628 or mrobins@paleycenter.org.


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