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Important Information

12:00 am

Please review terms & conditions and other important information.


Terms & Conditions

Accessing/viewing of seminar videos, whether by satellite or on this website, as well as other permitted uses of this content by you and/or your institution (collectively, "Recipient"), constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Paley Center shall distribute, through satellite transmission, the Seminar on the date and time noted unless the Recipient is otherwise notified.

2. The Recipient shall have the right to access the Seminar directly off-satellite and exhibit the Seminar via closed-circuit television within the Recipient's facilities (or within the facilities of a designated local television station subject to the Paley Center's approval) simultaneous to the Seminar's transmission.

3. The Recipient will make the Seminar available to an audience for educational purposes only.

4. The Seminar is for educational use only. Any taping or retransmission of the Seminar is limited to classroom use or other educational activity by the Recipient. The clips presented with the Seminar shall be used only in conjunction with the Seminar. No other use of the clips is authorized.

5. The Recipient may not charge an admission fee to the Seminar or use the Seminar as a fundraising activity.

6. Upon receipt by the Paley Center of an executed agreement, on or before the date noted above, the Recipient will be provided with the satellite information needed to receive the Seminar and the printed material designed to accompany the Seminar.

7. The Recipient shall indemnify and hold the Paley Center and its partners harmless from any and all suits, claims, demands, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses brought or incurred by any person arising in any manner out of the Recipient's participation in the Seminar or breach of any of the terms of this agreement, including, without limitation, any injury to or death of, any person involved with the Seminar through the Recipient and any loss or damage to any property in connection with the Recipient's participation in the Seminar.

8. The Paley Center shall not be held liable for failure to deliver Seminar due to circumstances beyond its control.