Window to the Middle East

Iranian TV Highlights

Highlights include: Accompanying Iranians (IRIB TV); Ten Minutes (IRINN TV); From the Internet (Al-Alam News Network); From Cairo (Al-Alam News Network); and more.

Hamrahe Iranian • Accompanying Iranians (IRIB TV) A call-in show popular with Iranian ex-pats living all over the world, with many callers from the United States. The show handles cultural and social issues.

Nikmet • The Bench (IRIB TV) A popular sitcom with scenes and conversations that happen in a park next to a bench. This show has been around for five years.

Oye Farashtahoud • There Was an Angel (IRIB TV) This soap opera deals with intrigue, mystery, and family relations. It has been criticized for pushing the envelope in its loose adherence to portraying an Islamic society.

Iranian Salaam • Hello to Iranians (IRIB TV) IRIB's most popular game show. Callers phone in from around the world to solve puzzles and riddles.

Ashr Daqiqa • Ten Minutes (IRINN TV) Short news updates and reports focusing on the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameini, and other issues of the state.

Abr Al Internet • From the Internet (Al-Alam News Network) The hosts highlight selected newsworthy stories from the world press, which are put into context for the viewers (many of whom do not have Internet access).

Min Al Qahera • From Cairo (Al-Alam News Network) This Iranian religious show is produced in Cairo to compete against Al Jazeera's Al Shari'a wal Hayat.

Compilation guest-curated by Jamal Dajani, director of Middle Eastern programming at Link TV, and Kimia Gholamshahi, who worked for Jam e Jam network, a division of IRIB TV.


A Look at Channels in Iran

AL-ALAM NEWS NETWORKA Tehran-based, Arabic-language satellite news channel established in 2003 by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Unlike many other channels, Al-Alam can be viewed in Iraq without the use of a satellite receiver, as it is able to use a terrestrial transmitter close to the Iran-Iraq border.

IRIB TV (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting)The Iranian government organization in control of radio and television offers four national television channels, one international news channel, three satellite channels for international viewers, and one provincial channel per province.

IRINN TV (Islamic Republic of Iran News Network)A news channel run by the IRIB, presenting mostly political programming, but also sports and medical news. Most of the programs are in Persian, but special programming is presented in English and Arabic.


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