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Look THAT Up in Your Funk & Wagnall’s: A Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In Quiz...

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Laugh-In Quiz

The premiere episode featured a “music video” by what sixties rock group?

Which of Goldie Hawn’s future movie costars (and a fellow Oscar nominee) actually appeared on the series as a regular for a few months?

What legendary macho movie star appeared on the series wearing a bunny rabbit costume?

At the height of the program’s popularity, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin made a feature film, the title of which made reference to one of Laugh-In’s key catchphrases. Can you name it?

What famous conservative was subjected to a mock press conference on the series?

Which of the cast regulars had a brother who was one of the show’s Emmy-winning writers?

Who was the only Beatle to make an appearance on the series?

During his stint on Laugh-In, which cast member also appeared simultaneously on another weekly program over on CBS?

One of Laugh-In’s writers ended up creating another influential comedy series that premiered in the 70s. Can you name him and the series?

Which actor appeared as the chief guest star on the February 28, 1972, episode, less than two months before winning the Academy Award?

Which Laugh-In regular would go on to direct several episodes of The Bob Newhart Show?

Apart from Rowan and Martin, who were the only two cast members to stay with the series from the January 1968 debut to the final episode in March of 1973?