LA Gala Evening 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

Pat Mitchell, president & CEO, The Paley Center for Media, and Frank A. Bennack, Jr., chairman of the board, were pleased to present the 2008 Los Angeles Gala Evening in honor of Showtime Networks, Inc. & Carl Reiner, hosted by Bonnie Hunt.

“Showtime under the direction of Matthew Blank and Robert Greenblatt continues to push premium networks in new directions by presenting daring programming and innovative entertainment,” commented Pat Mitchell, president and chief executive officer of The Paley Center for Media. “Carl Reiner, known for his creative vision behind as well as in front of the camera, combined with the savvy business acumen of an executive, continues to be one of today’s most respected talents in the industry.”

Proceeds from the event benefit the Paley Center’s ongoing efforts to increase the public’s understanding of the media and its growing significance in today’s society through various public and industry programs.


Gala Committee 

Frank A. Bennack, Jr.
Peter Chernin
Gordy Crawford
Leslie Moonves

Peter Benedek
Bob Broder
Ernie Del
Mark Itkin
Nancy Josephson
Monica Karo
Warren Lieberfarb
Greg Meidel
Jim Packer
Michael Rosenfeld
Nancy Tellem


Los Angeles Board of Governors

Peter CherninGordon Crawford  Leslie Moonves

William J. Bell 
Peter Benedek 
Bob Broder 
E. Blake Byrne 
Ernest Del 
Robert Dowling 
Sam Fischer 
Jeff Gaspin 
Marc Graboff 
Jim Griffiths 
Ted Harbert 
Doug Herzog
Andy Heyward 

David Hill 
Mark Itkin 
Nancy Josephson 
Monica Karo 
Warren Lieberfarb 
Richard Lippin 
Michael Lombardo 
Greg Meidel 
Eric Mika 
Stephen Mosko 
Gary Newman
Jim Packer 
Rick Rosen 

Bruce Rosenblum 
Michael Rosenfeld 
Phil Rosenthal 
Harry Sloan 
Kiefer Sutherland 
Anne Sweeney 
Nancy Tellem 
Alex Wallau 
Larry Wilmore 
Dick Wolf 
Andrea Wong 
Jeff Zucker

Board of Trustees 

Frank  A. Bennack, Jr. 
Gordon Crawford
Gustave M. Hauser   
Mel KarmazinRobert F.X. Sillerman     
Pat Mitchell 

Alan Alda*
Wallis Annenberg
Loreen Arbus
Glenn Britt
Christopher H. Browne
Peter Chernin
Gustavo A. Cisneros
Joan Ganz Cooney
Philippe Dauman
Ronald R. Davenport, Sr.
Patricia Fili-Krushel
George J. Gillespie, III, Esq.*
James L. Greenwald
Ralph Guild
Leo Hindery, Jr.
Robert A. Iger
Henry A. Kissinger
Kay Koplovitz

Scott Kurnit
Norman Lear*
Debra Lee
Ted Leonsis
Ken Lowe
John W. Madigan
Burt Manning
Edward F. McLaughlin*
Barry  M. Meyer
Leslie Moonves
Daniel L. Mosley
Thomas S. Murphy*
Edward N. Ney*
William C. Paley
Dan Rather
Sumner Redstone
Geoffrey K. Sands
Eric Schmidt

Ivan Seidenberg
Terry Semel
Sid Sheinberg*
Stanley S. Shuman
David J. Stern
Howard Stringer
Marlo Thomas
Grant A. Tinker*
Rosalind P. Walter
Barbara Walters
Lou Weiss*
Jim Wiatt
Dick Wolf
Bob Wright
David Zaslav
Jeff Zucker

*Trustee Emeritus
William S. Paley Founder

Lists current as of October 2008