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Media veteran Max Robins sits down with the industry's most intriguing players to find out what makes them tick.


Episode 5, Tom Fontana

Emmy-winning tv veteran Tom Fontana, writer and producer ofSt. ElsewhereHomicide, and Oz, stops by to discuss his new show, The Philanthropist, which premiered June 24, 2010 on NBC.

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Episode 2, Charles Aaron

SPIN Magazine music editor Charles Aaron muses on the biz, journalism, and outlook of the music media landscape.

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Episode 1, Andrew Tyndall

Andrew Tyndall of the discusses his work on the nightly news broadcasts of the major television networks.

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Episode 4, Richard Leibner

Max Robins interviews pioneering agent Richard Leibner, founder and president of N.S. Bienstock, Inc., America's most powerful broadcast journalism talent agency. 

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Episode 3, Michael Davis

Michael Davis, former TV Guide editor and author of Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street chats with Max Robins about Sesame Street and the publishing industry.

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Episode 6, Brooke Gladstone

Max Robins discusses the "meta" world of media covering media with Brooke Gladstone, cohost and managing editor of NPR's On The Media.

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Episode 7, Susan Zirinsky

Susan Zirinsky, executive producer of CBS's 48 Hours, talks about the news and the television production business.

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Episode 8, Lewis Black

Comedian Lewis Black discusses the world of comedy and building a career in entertainment.

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Episode 9, Alan Rusbridger

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger discusses paid content, the future of journalism, and more. 

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Peter Hamilton v2

Episode 10, Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton, founder of the website, discusses the “sweet spot” for pricing factual programming.

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picresizedBrad Adgate 4

Episode 11, Brad Adgate

Brad Adgate, Senior VP and Director of Research at Horizon Media, offers a unique sneak peek into the new Fall TV season lineup.


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Avner Ronen v2

Episode 12, Avner Ronen

Avner Ronen, CEO of Boxee, reveals how his company is pioneering easy-to-use, on demand television.

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