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About Contently 

Contently is a New York-based technology company, founded in December 2010 by Joe Coleman, Shane Snow, and Dave Goldberg. Its mission is to empower journalists to build their careers and find meaningful, well-paid work. Additionally, Contently's software powers top brands' and media companies' editorial calendars and contributor management programs. Contently raised $2.35 million in venture capital in 2011.

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Shane Snow 

CEO and Founder

Shane Snow graduated with an MS from Columbia Journalist School and writes regularly for Wired, Fast Company, and Mashable. He was one of the early infographic artists in social media, illustrating and promoting infographics for Mint, MTV, Samsung, and Gizmodo. Today he is cofounder of Contently, which empowers journalists and publishers, and is an adviser to, the leading data visualization and infographic platform on the web. He loves pizza, sci-fi, and his three pet ferrets. 

Coached by: Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia; and Aron Pilhofer, Editor, Interactive News, The New York Times

Presenting March 22, 2012

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