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The Paley Center Seminars: A ProQuest Video Archive

ProQuest has teamed up with The Paley Center for Media to create an online, video archive of the Paley Center's acclaimed seminars. The Paley Center Seminars is an exclusive video collection of interviews with celebrities, television writers and producers, and distinguished panels. These lively discussions feature leading media personalities discussing the creative process, contemporary issues in production, and topics such as the impact of the media on modern society.

Media Issues: It's All Here
The completed archive will include 310 hours of video, with new content added regularly each year. Topics range from presidential advertising campaigns to reality television, from the writing process behind The Wire and Heroes, to Madeline Albright and Henry Kissinger speaking on the media and foreign policy. The first release includes more than seventy-five hours of recordings, and includes seminars on:

 • Movie editing
 • Women in television drama
 • Representations of gay and lesbian characters
 • Panel discussions with the cast and crew of both current hit TV shows (Lost, House, 24, and South Park) and television classics (M*A*S*H and Columbo)
 • Documentaries on topics ranging from literature, cinema, music, opera, and radio to politics, history, and current events

Exclusive Content
The Paley Center Seminars offers the media student benefits that are unavailable anywhere else:

 • Primary source material—behind-the-scenes discussions by industry insiders, with a focus on current TV shows
 • Coverage of key themes—politics, representations of gender and sexuality, social impact of the media, audience response
 • Scholarly authority—The Paley Center is recognized as a hub of serious discussion and curatorial excellence, and attracts the significant names in today's media industry
 • Research any topic at any time—unlimited, on-demand access to video
 • Tools for teaching and learning—make and share clips, and download seminars

Some of the Biggest Names in the Business
High-profile participants in The Paley Center Seminars include J.J. Abrams, Madeleine Albright, Alan Alda, Robert Altman, Glenn Close, Stephen Colbert, Katie Couric, Larry David, Tina Fey, Sally Field, Will Ferrell, Matt Groening, Holly Hunter, Garrison Keillor, Henry Kissinger, Michael Moore, Conan O'Brien, Michael Palin, Thelma Schoonmaker, Aaron Sorkin, James Spader, Jon Stewart, Joel Surnow, Kiefer Sutherland, Gore Vidal, and Kurt Vonnegut.

For More Information
See the influential newsmakers, politicians, journalists, scholars, writers, directors, actors, and other creators explore the media's role in shaping the past, present, and future. For more information, visit To contact a ProQuest representative call 800.521.0600, or email to learn more about The Paley Center Seminars or any of our other research solutions. (For inquiries outside North America, please email

About The Paley Center for Media
The Paley Center for Media (formerly The Museum of Television & Radio) leads the discussion about the cultural, creative, and social significance of television, radio, and emerging platforms for the professional community and media-interested public. Each year, the Paley Center hosts the most recognizable names in media in dozens of live event seminars covering television drama, news, public affairs and documentaries, performing arts, children’s programming, sports, comedy and variety shows, and even advertising.

About ProQuest
At ProQuest, we are dedicated to providing indispensable research solutions that connect people with information. As an innovator in archiving and disseminating information, we continually deliver data in effective and meaningful ways. We are particularly proud of The Paley Centers Seminars, a powerful video database that will inspire and inform media study and analysis.