Political Humor Break

Bob Hope

TV critic Marvin Kitman once called Bob Hope "the founding father of stand-up political comedy": "Old Ski Nose, as we used to call him, made fun of presidents starting with George Washington, all of whom he knew intimately."


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Well, not exactly. But Hope did appear on TV over six decades, flinging barbs at everyone from Dwight Eisenhower ("I can understand why Ike hired Lawrence Welk [to play at his inauguration]—after all, he won in a waltz") to Lyndon Johnson ("Lyndon's a born politician—when he was born the doctor slapped him and Lyndon handed him a cigar") to Bobby Kennedy ("Did you see where Mrs. Bobby Kennedy is expecting her tenth child? He may win the next election without leaving the house"). Hope's zingers were good-natured and bipartisan, and while he became identified as a hawk during the Vietnam War, he had relationships with every president from Franklin Roosevelt to Bill Clinton. In fact, one of his final TV specials, airing in 1996, is titled Bob Hope: Laughing with the Presidents. In this 1957 clip from The Chevy Show, Hope cracks wise about Eisenhower's 1956 inauguration.

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