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Poll: Best Academy Awards Moment

We asked you to vote for the most memorable Academy Awards moment. Here are the top three, based on your votes:

Moment: While announcing the next presenter, cohost David Niven is upstaged by a streaker running behind him across the stage. (1974)
Monush: The closest thing to an X-rated moment on the Oscars was made even more memorable by Niven’s witty ad-lib in response.
  25% of the votes

Moment: After living overseas for years in exile, Charlie Chaplin returns to United States to accept a special Oscar to a thunderous response from the audience. (1972)
Monush: The awards have paid host to many a legendary star, but Chaplin might have topped them all, his emotional return tying the present day to the birth of movies and showing how artistic merit can overrule political or personal misunderstandings.
  18% of the votes

Moment: Host Billy Crystal sends up a long history of awkward or over-staged Oscar numbers with his mock medley paying tribute to the Best Picture nominees; something he repeats in future years. (1990)
Monush: Because even good songs have been made to look bad on several Oscar shows, it was a hoot to see Crystal spoof the whole tradition—something so cleverly done that people came to expect it on subsequent presentations.
  15% of the votes

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