We Have to Go Back

The Paley Center Lost Saturday

Saturday, January 17, 2009
2:00 pm to 6:00 pm ET
New York

January marked the much-anticipated return of Lost, and the Paley Center celebrated by inviting fans to vote for their favorite episodes on our website. Throughout the month, the Spielberg Gallery featured a continuous marathon of Lost episodes and behind-the-scenes footage, along with larger-than-life photography from the pages of Entertainment Weekly. On January 17, fans packed our theater, watching the episodes that won our poll (“Walkabout” and “Through the Looking Glass”) on the big screen, followed by a sneak peak at Lost’s season five premiere. The crowd cheered as the Willie Nelson fan was revealed to be Dr. Pierre Chang, and gasped as Sayid turned a dishwasher into a lethal weapon.

Like any good episode of Lost, one question was answered for every ten that were raised. Helpfully, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse offered some answers in a video interview with EW’s Lost expert, Jeff Jensen (watch video below). They explained that, yes, Lost will be making the leap into the complicated world of time travel. (And for those audience members who can’t keep it all straight, they’ve provided a shirtless Sawyer as a distraction.) Damon and Carlton also weighed in on our Paley Center poll, discussing their favorites among the top ten vote-getters, particularly “The Constant.”

Afterward, a panel discussion with TV writers picked up right where the interview left off, as they debated Lost’s place in TV history and the key shows that preceded it (including The Prisoner and Twin Peaks). The audience joined the discussion, asking about the most missed characters (Charlie!), Jacob’s identity, and that mysterious smoke monster (island security system or a manifestation of fate, itself?). The evening ended with a trivia contest, in which audience members demonstrated their Lostpedia-like knowledge of Jack’s tattoos and Mr. Eko’s stick.

In Person
Daniel Manu, Site Director, Television Without Pity
James Poniewozik, TV Critic, TIME
Christopher Rosen, Blogger, The New York Observer
Moderator: Josh Wolk, Senior Editor, Entertainment Weekly





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