Background Essay and Panelist Biographies

The Essential Role of the Whistleblower in American Society

February 17, 2010

Panelist Biographies

Mike German—FBI Whistleblower—Mike German served the FBI for years as an undercover agent infiltrating terrorist groups, before blowing the whistle on his field office’s illegal wiretaps of suspects. He now works for the ACLU.

Kit Foshee—Meat Safety (Ammonia) Whistleblower—Kit Foshee was fired as Director of Quality Assurance/Food Safety by a major American beef supplier for disclosing the company falsely claimed its ammonia process removed dangerous pathogens from the beef.

Cathy Harris—U.S. Customs/Racial Profiling Whistleblower—Cathy Harris was a U.S. customs official who blew the whistle on African-Americans being unfairly targeted as potential drug smuggling.

Babak Pasdar—Telecommunication Whistleblower—Babak Pasdar is a telecommunications security expert who exposed that a major telecommunications company had provided unfettered access of all its cell phone data to the federal government - all calls, text messages, internet traffic and private communications of its clients – without generating any record.

Daniel Ellsberg—Pentagon Papers—The patriarch of modern whistleblowing, his disclosures as a Rand Corporation/DOD analyst tore the covers off the deceit and concealment in the US prosecution of the Vietnam war.

Frank Serpico—NYPD whistleblower brought to the screen fame by Al Pacino.

Juan Williams—Analyst for NPR and Fox News.