Videoconferencing Information


Classes are sixty minutes long, unless otherwise noted, but can be modified to accommodate class periods. For the most effective learning experience, we recommend that the class size not exceed 40 participants.


Schools can participate by connecting to the Paley Center with an IP (H.323) line. Connections via ISDN (H.320) can be arranged through an outside bridge service. Connections should be at a minimum of 384 kbps for optimal viewing.


Sixty-minute class
program: $125
Sixty-minute staff development workshop: $150
Customized classes can be developed for an additional $100 fee.

Before Your Virtual Field Trip:

  • * Schedule a test connection.
  • * Let us know if you have any special needs (i.e. shorter class periods,
  •    English language learners, etc.).
  • * Do the suggested pre-visit activities. 
  • * Place your camera on top of or near the TV monitor that the students will be looking at. 
  • * Make sure the microphone is in a good location away from the TV monitor. 
  • * Make sure that there is a teacher available to call on students during the workshop as the
  •    programs are interactive.


Educators will work with teachers to meet their curricular and scheduling needs. To schedule a videoconference program for your students or staff, call 212.621.6600 or email