About Peter Roth Internship

The Paley Center offers students a comprehensive paid internship that expands upon the institution’s long-running accredited internship programs and includes three key components for an unparalleled educational experience.

  • Amazing access! Interns will meet and interact with top TV executives, the most respected showrunners, renowned writers, talent, and others through guest lectures, red carpet events, and Q&A sessions, fostering the art and craft of storytelling.
  • Hands-on Experience! Students will work for the Paley Center and visit TV networks and high-end production studios, providing practical experience and valuable understanding of the television and streaming industries.
  • Diverse & Inclusive! Using the renowned Paley Archive and unmatched collection of television programming, the Paley Center offers a comprehensive and inclusive course for students to recognize the value of diversity both in front of and behind the camera.
After completing the program, students will join a thriving alumni community with ongoing engagement and support from the Paley Center as they navigate their careers. Through a Paley intern alumni association, they will continue to receive expert advice and counsel, special networking opportunities and events, and make lifelong connections within the television industry.