To help shape the next generation of visionary TV professionals

The Paley Center offers students a comprehensive paid internship that expands upon the institution’s long-running accredited internship programs and includes three key components for an unparalleled educational experience.


Applications for the Class of 2023 are now closed.


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"Following the success of last year’s Peter Roth Internship, we are very excited to launch the second edition of the program and give students an unrivaled opportunity to participate in an extraordinary experience where they will learn from some of the most creative experts in the business and network with extremely talented professionals."

Maureen J. Reidy

818 Bio Roth Internship

"We are so excited to welcome and support such a talented, passionate, and dedicated cohort of future media executives, creators, writers, and thought leaders. I fully expect, and I am convinced, that they will make a significant contribution towards the betterment and nurturing of great television."

Peter Roth

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The Roth interns in the Chairman’s Suite in The Paley Museum, with one of William S. Paley’s Emmy Awards.

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The interns in a class with Peter Roth about creating "the perfect pitch."

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Meeting with Great Point Studios chief operating officer Peter von Gal.

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Courtney Kemp, creator of the television series Power, met with the interns at The Paley Museum.

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The Roth Interns at a tour of Google's Chelsea Campus in NYC. 

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The class met with Paley’s manager of social media, Phulbert St. Germain.

Roth22 Recap Slide 7 Image

Meeting with Great Point Studios chief operating officer Peter von Gal.

Roth22 Recap Slide 8 Image

Maureen J. Reidy, President & CEO of The Paley Center for Media, welcomed the Roth interns to The Paley Museum.


"This internship has truly nurtured my love for television. Getting to hear from, learn and ask questions of working television professionals who consistently showcase the passion they have for this industry inspires me to keep going. The constant positive encouragement and atmosphere that this internship has provided for me has been unlike any other I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. The friends that I have made here will last a lifetime and I would not have this without the Peter Roth Internship. Thank you for always taking the time to speak to us, cheer us on and remind us that as the future of television, we have the power to create change."

Abena Ababio

"The Paley Center is a TV aficionado's playground. There wasn't a day where I didn't feel excited to go to work and I cannot thank the Paley family enough for welcoming us. As we heard from various guest speakers, the industry can be a challenging thing to break into. But you made us feel like we had the industry at our fingertips, you made us realize our potential, and above all, you taught us how to learn (and unlearn) media representations in order to craft a happier and more authentic media landscape for the future."

Jillian Russell

"I am always most inspired by those who demand mentorship and support to be a vital part of their legacy, and so I am deeply inspired by you! This internship has expanded my love of television, my ability to succeed in the industry, and it’s given me life-long friends. Each speaker, visit, and project made me more excited to arrive at the Paley Center every single day and to make the most of this spectacular opportunity. And yet even with all those amazing things, I consider the friendships I formed to be the greatest thing I have ever received from an internship or job in my life (if you knew how many jobs I’d had you’d be flattered!). I can’t wait for our names to be side by side on screen and marquees, nominations and wins. Thank you for a legacy of mentorship!"

Daejah Woolery

"Being a South Asian immigrant, it’s difficult to find people on television who look like me and who share the same experiences as I do. With the help of this program and everything I have learned, I hope I can share my story with other young people from my background! Thank you so much! I think we can all agree that this experience has changed our lives forever!"

Afnan Answar

Meet the 2022 Class

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Major: Film Studies, Psychology

960 Roth Intern

Major: Film Studies, Communications

960 Roth Intern 2

Major: Journalism

960 Roth Intern 4

Major: Education, Media Studies

960 Roth Intern 5

Major: Media Studies

960 Roth Intern 6

Major: Film and Television

960 Roth Intern 7

Major: Latinx Identity in TV and Film

960 Roth Intern 8

Major: Law, History, and Culture

960 Roth Intern 9

Major: Marketing

960 Roth Intern 10

Major: Drama

960 Roth Intern 11

Major: Government & Politics

960 Roth Intern 12

Major: Media Studies

960 Roth Intern 13

Major: Digital Arts

960 Roth Intern 14

Major: Journalism, Screenwriting

960 Roth Intern 15

Major: Film and Television

960 Roth Intern 16

Major: Theater Studies

960 Roth Intern 17

Major: Mass Communication

960 Roth Intern 18

Major: Journalism, Cinema and Media Studies

960 Roth Intern 19

Major: Playwriting and Screenwriting

960 Roth Intern 20

Major: Film / TV, English

This program is made possible by the generous support from:
Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY Alliance
The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation
The Berlanti Family Foundation
The Katie McGrath & J.J. Abrams Family Foundation