We're thrilled that you joined us for PaleyFest LA, and we're eager for your feedback to help us create an even better festival next year!

Enter to Win! 

When you complete the online survey, you can enter for a chance to win one of two very special prizes. The deadline for entry is April 23, so act now! 

1st Prize 

One (1) pair of two (2) VIP Showrunner All Events Passes for PaleyFest LA 2024, with VIP seating at each event 

2nd Prize 

One (1) pair of two (2) Premium Combo Passes to attend PaleyFest LA 2024, with VIP seating at three (3) events during the festival

Which PaleyFest show(s) did you attend? (Check all that apply)
With whom did you attend PaleyFest?
How did you hear about PaleyFest?
What were your favorite parts of the live PaleyFest experience? (Check all that apply)
What were the main reasons that you decided to buy tickets? Please select ALL that you wanted to experience.
Besides PaleyFest, which other television festivals or entertainment events do you attend?
What do you watch, read, or listen to for entertainment?
To which TV platforms/streaming services do you subscribe? Please select ALL that apply.
What print or online sources do you regularly go to for information/updates on TV programs? Please select ALL that apply.
Thinking beyond the Paley Center, which, if any, of the following Los Angeles cultural organizations are you a member of? Please select all that apply.
Which gender do you most identify with? (Select all that apply)

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