2021 Culminating Projects

Teen Transmitters at The Paley Center for Media is a 100-hour summer internship for rising 11th and 12th grade students who attend New York City public high schools.

We are so proud to present the culminating project of our cohort—a podcast series consisting of 12 different episodes, each one written, produced, and edited by a member of the cohort. We gave the cohort a question at the beginning of the program to help guide their brainstorming process: “What’s next?” All of their projects explore this question, some literally, some figuratively, but all personally. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Teen Transmitters is made possible by support from the Pinkerton Foundation, Con Edison, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

From left: Caroline Quigley (Staff), Ellington Fagan, Marian Caballo, Ivy Liu, Miles Cuffie Archer, Elkin Mantilla, Brian Tang, Ramisha Parvez, Malakhi Boyce, Aliza Sayed, Oscar Darmawan, Samama Moontaha, Karielle Jarrett, Ankita Das, Kassidy De Nobrega, Rebekah Fisk (Staff)
*Photo credit: Kassidy De Nobrega, Teen Transmitters 2021 Intern

Support for Teen Transmitters is provided by the Pinkerton Foundation, Con Edison, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Teen Transmitters 2021 Podcast Series

Aliza Sayed

Junior at The Beacon School
Page vs. Picture - Which Is Better?

It's an age-old debate: which is better, books or movies? In this podcast, I decided to investigate these two different types of storytelling. Along with opinions of the general public, I also offered my own personal opinions and experiences, such as my thoughts on the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson films. To conclude, I sat down with world-renowned jewelry designer and aspiring author Victoria Wieck in order to gain insight on the process of storytelling itself, and how it differs for different storytelling forms, in order to answer the question: can there truly be a proper comparison between books and movies?


Ankita Das

Senior at The Baccalaureate School for Global Education
Misogyny in Hindu Rituals and Customs

My podcast is about Hindu rituals/customs that are misogynistic. I talk about kanyadaan, haldi ceremony, widowhood in India, as well the overall concept of marriage. In addition to that, I talk about media representations which also showcase the misogyny in Indian films. Specifically, I talk about the movies Padmavaat and Bulbul which are both Bollywood films. I really hope you enjoy my podcast!


Brian Tang

Junior at the High School for Environmental Studies
Resetting Your Mind

Have you ever felt that you were on your phone or computer too much? Have you ever felt too consumed by the media around you? You’re not the only one. This podcast will explore an approach to help with these kinds of feelings, that may be simpler than you think.


Elkin Mantilla

Senior at Brooklyn Latin
Elkin vs. Technology

Technology has revolutionized our lives and the ways that we interact with the world around us. From being able to communicate with people from the other side of the world, to saving lives through its use in medicine and law enforcement. We created technology, but that does not mean we control it. In this podcast I will be exploring the effects that not using technology for a week has on a person. It may sound entitled and kind of dumb, until you truly realize just how much we have grown to depend on screens as a society.


Ivy Liu

Senior at Queens School of Inquiry
The Bizarre World of Dreams

Ever wondered about why you forget your dreams when you wake up? Have you ever had a weird dream that made you question its meaning? In this podcast, Ivy explores the science behind why and how we dream, the meanings of dreams, and possible ways we can capture them through interesting conversations with her friends about their experiences.


Karielle Jarrett

Senior at Scholars Academy
Describe Yourself as a Color

I went to an outdoor barbeque and asked friends the question, “What color would you use to describe yourself?” I was given many different interpretations on the question and everyone was excited to participate. It sparked conversation in a really unique way. I hope you enjoy it.


Kassidy De Nobrega

Senior at Townsend Harris High School
Back In Time

In this podcast, a teenager with a born-too-late complex explores the appeal of classic TV shows (1950s-'90s) through the lens of today’s generation. I discuss the 20th century standard for entertainment, the impact of streaming services, what the trend of nostalgia means for the future of television and cinema, classic TV favorites, and more. Featuring three other teens who share their own experiences with older media, have a listen to get transported back to the past and possibly the future!


Malakhi Boyce

Senior at Brooklyn Latin
Virtual Reality

The idea concerning the future of virtual reality has always plagued my mind, since there have been so many different movies and books based off of the concept. I have always imagined what it would be like for technology to have advanced so much, that it is integrated within our daily life, through a cognitive level. This level could be going to parties online, even using virtual currencies and trading equipment in order to purchase items. Obviously living within the virtual life, you wouldn’t be able to sustain yourself with food or financially, so there would still be a conflict concerning how much of our life is virtual, since we can’t eat virtual food! In my opinion this is very interesting, since it brings about the question, how can we progress virtually when we have basic necessities that must be taken care of physically.


Marian Caballo

Senior at Bronx High School of Science

Can we engineer the climate? On August 9, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) released their sixth report: “a code red for humanity” that paints a stark picture of earth if we continue on a path of inaction. As conditions worsen and extreme weather occurrences continue to make headlines, more people have been seriously considering geoengineering as an unwanted, (but possibly necessary), approach to combat the climate crisis. This podcast examines geoengineering—“hacking” the planet to our will—and its potential as a solution to climate change. Featured: Dr. Kevin Reed, head of the Climate Extremes Modeling group at Stonybrook University.


Miles Cuffie Archer

Senior at Talent Unlimited
The Future Fiction

The future fiction podcast is where fiction becomes our future. We talk about speculative fiction and explore the ways in which it shapes technology and our future. When it comes to humans and creativity the edition of technology makes anything possible. Through discussing all forms of media we discover ways in which fiction becomes reality.


Oscar Darmawan

Junior at Aviation High School
The Stock Market on Your Feet

Reselling has grown in popularity over time, whether that be in sneakers, cards, etc. Prices can mark up by 200% in some cases for certain sought after items. What started as a hobby for many has turned into a full time job for some. This podcast gives some context to the origins of sneaker culture, and some of my thoughts on the future of reselling.


Ramisha Parvez

Senior at Townsend Harris High School
Why Don’t I Look Like Her? How Social Media Affects the Way We View Ourselves

Filled with personal anecdotes, Ramisha's podcast takes a deep dive into social media culture as well as how it has affected both peers and her upbringing. Please note that listener discretion is advised as this podcast discusses sensitive topics such as body issues and eating disorders.


Teen Transmitters 2021 “Lead Interns” Short Film

This year we were lucky enough to have two returning interns from last year’s cohort, Ellington Fagan and Samama Moontaha, to act as “Lead Interns.” They were given the freedom to design their own project and they decided to make a short film. We were so impressed with their vision, focus, and creativity. Here is how they describe their film, In the City -

When you think of New York, you imagine constant hustle, lights, and chaos. As much as that may be the case, it’s just as likely for a true New Yorker to be living the quiet, on-the-low lifestyle. Regardless, all of us are tied together by the nature of the city.

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