The 1923 Exhibit: Costume Design Across Three Continents

Wednesday, April 5 to Sunday, May 28, 2023
New York

The Paley Center is thrilled to present this immersive exhibition featuring the craftsmanship and artistry of the Emmy Award–winning costume designer Janie Bryant. This experience will take you on a journey back in time to the perilous world of 1923, the acclaimed drama series following the Dutton family origin story from Academy Award–nominee Taylor Sheridan, exclusively streaming on Paramount+.

Bryant is renowned for her pioneering and era-defining costume designs, creating legendary looks for film and television throughout her career, including Don Draper’s gray suits and Joan Harris’s wiggle dresses in Mad Men, Pennywise’s time-spanning clown outfit in It, Elsa Dutton’s blue traveling dress in 1883, and Al Swearengen's pinstripe suit in Deadwood.
1923 is among Bryant’s most ambitious costuming endeavors yet. It is a family saga about survival during the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, and conflict at the end of Prohibition plague the mountain west and the Duttons who call it home. The show weaves together three epic story lines covering three continents in a vast, immersive world that required more than one thousand costumes to bring to life.
In this exhibit, visitors will experience how Bryant’s costumes shape the characters' stories and help develop the world of 1923. It is organized into three core settings aligned to the show’s main story lines.

At The Paley Museum


GALLERY EXHIBIT organized into three core settings aligned to the show’s main story lines: The Duttons' Yellowstone Ranch; the East African Savannas and Italy; and a government residential boarding school in Montana.
SPOTLIGHT on Emmy Award–winning costume designer Janie Bryant and her transcendent work on the series, including interviews with cast and crew.
ORIGINAL COSTUMES worn by the cast of 1923 including dedicated patriarch Jacob Dutton (Academy Award–nominee Harrison Ford) and his iron-willed wife Cara Dutton (Academy Award–winner Helen Mirren), and many more.
MUSIC AND AUDIO FROM THE SERIES including the official soundtrack and score from the drama, intermixed with clips of Elsa Dutton’s (Isabel May) iconic narration.
SCREENINGS in the Bennack Theater of episodes from the first season of 1923, as well as a curated selection of Western-themed television episodes from the Paley Archive in the Goodson Theater for the whole family.
FAMILY FUN AND EDUCATION PROGRAMMING including Western-themed arts & crafts for children and families to enjoy.

 where guests can take their pictures against a stunning image of the Dutton ranch along with props from the show.

PaleyLive: A Conversation with Janie Bryant moderated by Carson Kressley

Saturday, April 29, 2023; 4:00 pm
Panel followed by a reception

In conjunction with the exhibition, The Paley Museum will host an in-person conversation with 1923 celebrated costume designer Janie Bryant, moderated by Carson Kressley, Emmy Award–winning TV personality, style expert, fashion designer, and New York Times best-selling author, to discuss her artistic process behind each costume, how her designs are formed as much by the performers wearing them as the script itself, and what has allowed her to be consistently successful in her long career in Hollywood. Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority to Paley Members.


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“1923” Screenings in the Bennack Theater

April 5 to 30, 2023

The Paley Center is pleased to screen episodes from the first season of 1923, the acclaimed origin story of Yellowstone on Paramount+. Created by Taylor Sheridan, 1923 introduces a new generation of Duttons who will experience the trials of the early twentieth century, including pandemics, historic droughts, and the Great Depression. You will also get to view on the large screen the costume artistry of Janie Bryant, which helps to define the lead characters Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren), as well as all the members of the cast.

There will be no Bennack Theater screenings on Wed. 4/12, Thu. 4/20, and Sat. 4/29.

12:10 pm

Episode 101: “1923”

1923 follows a new generation of Duttons. Jacob quashes a dispute between cattle ranchers and sheep herders. Cara informs Liz of the sacrifices of marrying into the Dutton family. Meanwhile, another Dutton finds himself far from home. (2022; Paramount+)

1:11 pm

Episode 102: “Nature's Empty Throne”

Jacob and the Yellowstone cowboys save one of their own before deciding their next move. Teonna continues to endure at the hands of Sister Mary. Cara and Emma discuss Elizabeth and Jack. Alexandra makes a bold decision. (2022; Paramount+)

1:59 pm

Episode 103: “The War Has Come Home”

Jacob, Cara, and the Duttons go into town to take care of some business, and pleasure. Spencer and Alexandra decide they won’t waste any time, and later find new danger. The Duttons realize the feud with the sheepherders is far from over. (2023; Paramount+)


2:57 pm

Episode 104: “War & the Turquoise Tide”

In the wake of the attack, Cara and the Duttons carefully plan their next move. Spencer and Alexandra enjoy the pleasures of Zanzibar, unaware of what has happened back home. Banner Creighton seeks a powerful ally. (2023; Paramount+)

3:52 pm

Episode 105: “Ghost Of Zebrina”

Spencer and Alexandra begin their long journey back to Montana. Banner and Whitfield plot their next move to control the valley. Teonna goes to great lengths to secure her freedom and safety. (2023; Paramount+)

5:02 pm

Episode 106: “One Ocean Closer to Destiny”

In the wake of the tugboat crash, the next step in Spencer and Alexandra's fate is revealed. Cara and McDowell begin hiring new livestock officers. Teonna covers her tracks as marshalls come looking. Jacob gains strength. (2023; Paramount+)

Western Family Fun Screenings in the Goodson Theater

April 5 to 30, 2023

In conjunction with The "1923" Exhibit: Costume Design Across Three Continents, the Paley Center presents programs with a Western theme from the Paley Archive for the entire family. Western motifs have always been popular in family programming and with these screenings you will experience the West in a variety of creative ways, from animated horses and cows as sheriffs fighting the bad guys to the Muppets performing with two cowboy heroes, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

12:30 pm, 4:46 pm

The Quick Draw McGraw Show: "Bad Guys' Disguise" and "Choo Choo Chumps"

These two Western tales star animated Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw, a white horse with a red Stetson cowboy hat, a popular cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera (1959; syndicated)

12:45 pm, 5:01 pm

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

An inventive animated cartoon in which a comet has transformed cattle into Western heroes. Marshal Moo Montana tries to keep order and battle the bad guys. (1993; ABC)

1:15 pm, 5:32 pm


Animaniacs was a freewheeling animated sketch show produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. This episode focuses on American history and, in one segment, Davy Omelette, the legendary frontiersman, who happens to be a giant chicken, stares down a bear. (1993; WB)

1:36 pm

Toy Story of Terror!

This animated special features the Toy Story characters, led by Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear, on a road trip. In this spooky tale, cowgirl Jessie becomes the hero, helping to rescue Woody from trouble. (2013; ABC)

2:06 pm

Zorro: “Presenting Senor Zorro”

The premiere episode about the adventures of Zorro, the famed masked hero of Spanish California in 1820. Master swordsman Don Diego de la Vega (Guy Williams) returns home to California and creates an alter ego Zorro to fight the corrupt rulers. (1957; ABC)

2:32 pm

The Muppet Show with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

This episode has a wild west theme as the Muppets welcome cowboy heroes Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Roy, known as the “King of the Cowboys,” even teaches Kermit the western yodel. (1979; syndicated)

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