Viewing Party in New York

PaleyFest Castle Viewing Party: Panel Live from Los Angeles with a Scavenger Hunt and Trivia from New York Comic Con

Friday, March 9, 2012
New York

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Kate Beckett and her fellow officers from the NYPD's 12th Precinct have become quite adept at catching killers throughout Castle's four seasons. Yet, there's one case they can't crack—the appeal of writer Richard Castle. Providing a service somewhat like Sherlock Holmes's consulting detectivery, Castle—portrayed by genre-television icon Nathan Fillion—is a consulting writer, helping to solve cases with tips, hints, clues, and insights from the mind of the world's foremost crime novelist. While a police procedural at its base, with references from steampunk to superheroes and Firefly to Watchmen, Castle takes great joy in incorporating the geeky world of Fillion and his fans.

Come now, with your fellow fans, to see Fillion and his fellow cast members live from the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles for a PaleyFest panel and premiere screening of an upcoming episode before it hits ABC! Start sleuthing early for a citywide Castle clue scavenger hunt and Nathan Fillion trivia contest at the Paley Center!

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March 9 Schedule:

4:00 to 8:00 pm
Scavenger Hunt: The Great Castle Chase
Featuring fifteen Castle and Fillion-related clues scatted around New York City landmarks and retailers. Find a clue; bring it to the Paley Center to claim your prize. Look for clues on Twitter at #castlechase. Visit for full details on how to play.

8:00 to 9:30 pm
Prize redemption at the Paley Center.
Prizes in the Great Castle Chase include Castle DVDs, books, and comics, New York Comic Con tickets, posters, and shirts, and free admission to future Paley Center events.

The scavenger hunt and prize collection are free and open to all!

Note: to participate in the trivia and PaleyFest event you need to purchase a ticket

9:30 to 10:00 pm
Hardcore Castle/Fillion Trivia Contest at the Paley Center.

10:00 pm to midnight
See a new episode of Castle and the PaleyFest panel with Castle cast and creative team livestreamed from the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles

Light refreshments will be served.


Presented with New York Comic Con

Tickets On Sale Now
$10 for Paley Center Members & NYCC Attendees
$15 General Public

  • Way past fun tonight! Didn't get to do the great Castle Chase scavenger hunt but loved that so many were out there doing it. Prizes looked very treasured by the winners. A full house for The Paley, too.

    Despite a later start than planned, the evening rolled pretty smoothly. We got to snack first (always welcomed, thank you!) then went into the NYCC CASTLE trivia contest. Snappy humor from Mr. Tatara of Comic Con, who seemed to know Fillion's and the show's lore very well. Three snickers for throwing in crazy Nathan Fillion questions such as "at what age did Nathan have eye surgery?" No stumps here - someone knew the answer! Love to repeat this experience, hopefully soon.

    The studio was so eager to treat us to their newest episode that some of the editing hadn't been finished! Large laughs from the audience as prompts came up for scenes that were already viewed (ie, 'insert photo to be taken', though it's on screen.).  I think voices changed at times as if re-audio-ed. But giggles aside we got to see what we love to see - the CASTLE crew doing their crime fighting, mystery solving thing in neat new episode.

    Curiously, there was laughter at times from the fans at some scenes that didn't warrant it to me. Anyway, a nice communal viewing.

    The Panel had me crying from laughing so hard. I love it when the cast and even the director get to show their natural sense of humor, intelligence and show business acumen. While I get that Castle and Beckett are romantically linked, I think the moderator took an inordinate amount of time belaboring the when/where/how/why of it.

    Lovely to see and hear Molly Quinn - all grown up, practically! Serious whoops! for the Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long at the beginning - can't ever see too much of Neil Patrick Harris.

    Thank you Paley Center in NYC for hosting this fabulous event, I just love coming here. And ditto to New York Comic Con for your co-sponsorship. This is a partnership I could gladly vote for!

    (aka MythicMage)


    Pathos, March 10, 2012 at 1:22 am

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