Tape one of three. The second edition (1990) of this annual music awards presentation program which honors Latin music achievements in the United States. The awards, presented by Univisi—n and Billboard Magazine, are determined from nominees selected from the top artists on Billboard radio and sales charts, and chosen by producers, distributors, and radio programmers throughout the United States. This year's program, presented live from Miami, Florida and hosted by Lucy Pereda and Antonio Vodanovic, gives awards in the categories of Pop/Ballad, Tropical/Salsa, and Regional Mexican, as well as awards to the best producer of the year, best composer of the year, and best crossover artist; this year also includes the premiere of the program's "excellence" award which recognizes the outstanding artistic achievement of a musical figure over the years. The program opens with a dance production number, choreographed by Joey Chevres, to a medley of Latin hits. The hosts then give a special welcome to the different regions broadcasting the awards internationally, including Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean; they also recognize accountants Francis Fern‡ndez and Richard Garc’a, who are present to verify the validity of the awards. Presentations and performances in this segment include the following: Ana Gabriel and Braulio present the first award, for best band in the category of Pop/Ballad, to Kaoma; Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer perform (song unidentified); Chayanne and Andrea del Boca, present the award for best band, Regional Mexican, to Bronco; the band Los Temerarios performs "Tu infame enga–o"; Ricardo Montaner and Luis Enrique present the award for best new artist, Pop/Ballad, to the band Kaoma, and the award for band of the year, Tropical/Salsa, to El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico; Myriam Hern‡ndez sings "El hombre que yo amo"; Maria Marta Serra Lima and Miguel Mateos present the award for best new artist, Regional Mexican, to Los Temerarios; Luis Enrique sings "Lo que pas— entre tœ y yo"; Yolanda del R’o and Fito Olivares present the award for best new artist of the year, Tropical/Salsa, to the trio Chantelle; Los Yonics perform (song title not given); former Dœo Din‡mico singer Ram—n Arcusa presents the award for best composer of the year to Juan Carlos Calder—n for "La incondicional"; Franco de Vita sings "Luis"; Jorge Fonseca performs his "Mami yo te quiero," which demonstrates, according to the hosts in their introduction, how Latin artists in the United States maintain their roots in their native countries and cultures while being influenced by other musical forms like rap; the hosts present the award for best female artist, Pop/Ballad, to Ana Gabriel; Ricardo Montaner sings "Me va a extra–ar"; Hansel and Tommy Olivencia present the next two awards, presenting artist of the year in the Regional Mexican category to Vicente Fern‡ndez, and artist of the year in the Tropical/Salsa category to Luis Enrique. Commercials deleted. Continues with T:76358.

(This program is in Spanish.)

The acquisition and cataloging of this program was made possible by Univisi—n.


  • NETWORK: Univision
  • DATE: May 24, 1990 Thursday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:30:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:76357
  • GENRE: Award presentations
  • SUBJECT HEADING: International Collection - Spanish - Zone 2
  • SERIES RUN: Univision - TV, 1990


      Omar Marchant........ Executive Producer
    • Jo-Ann Rullan........ Producer
    • Mary Black........ Co-Producer
    • Rolando Wejc........ Production (Misc.)
    • Carmen Fumero........ Production (Misc.)
    • Doris T. Davila........ Production (Misc.)
    • Art Izquierdo........ Director
    • Karin Vega........ Direction (Misc.)
    • Jose Corzo........ Direction (Misc.)
    • William Sanchez........ Music (Misc. Credits)
    • Joey Chevres........ Choreographer
    • Lucy Pereda........ Host
    • Antonio Vodanovic........ Host
    • de Vita, Franco........ Performer
    • Luis Enrique........ Performer
    • Jorge Fonseca........ Performer
    • Myriam Hernandez........ Performer
    • Los Temerarios........ Performer
    • Los Yonics........ Performer
    • Amanda Miguel........ Performer
    • Ricardo Montaner........ Performer
    • Diego Verdaguer........ Performer
    • Ramon Arcusa
    • Braulio
    • Bronco (music group)
    • Juan Carlos Calderon
    • Chantelle (music group)
    • Chayanne
    • El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (music group)
    • del Boca, Andrea
    • del Rio, Yolanda
    • Luis Enrique
    • Francis Fernandez
    • Vicente Fernandez
    • Ana Gabriel
    • Richard Garcia
    • Hansel
    • Kaoma (music group)
    • Los Temararios
    • Miguel Mateos
    • Ricardo Montaner
    • Fito Olivares
    • Tommy Olivencia
    • Serra Lima, Maria Marta

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