One in this dramatic anthology series. Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda, and Lauren Bacall star in this television adaptation of the stage play and movie portraying the collision of several lives in the Arizona desert in 1934. Disillusioned writer Alan Squier wanders along the highway toward the Black Mesa Bar-B-Q, a gas station-diner. In the diner, former college football player Boze flirts with Gabby Maple, the daughter of Jason and granddaughter of the diner's stingy owner. Some of the talk in the diner centers on the escape from prison of killer Duke Mantee and his gang. When Squier enters, an immediate affinity develops between him and Gabby. They tell each other about themselves; she reveals her dream of visiting her mother in France, and Squier expresses his disillusioned view of the world.

As Gabby is telling Squier that she would like him to go France with her, Boze interrupts them. The Chisholms, a wealthy couple, stop by. Gabby asks them to give Squier a ride, and they agree. Later, the car is hijacked by Mantee and his gang. In the diner, just as Gabby is resigning herself to Boze's advances, Mantee and his gang enter and take over. Squier, the Chisholms, and others return to the diner, where Mantee holds them all captive. Radio bulletins report on the hunt for Mantee, who is waiting for his girlfriend. As time passes amid mounting tension, Mantee's captives bare their souls. Boze says he loves Gabby, who says she loves Squier. Squier secretly arranges to be shot by Mantee so that Gabby can go to France with money from an insurance policy he has signed over to her. After Mantee learns that his girlfriend has betrayed the gang, he engages in a shoot-out with the police, during which Squier tells Gabby that he loves her. Making good on his arrangement with Squier, Mantee shoots him, and then escapes. Includes commercials. This is a black-and-white kinescope of a program originally broadcast in color.


  • DATE: May 30, 1955 Monday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:27:14
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W
  • CATALOG ID: T88:0046
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1954-1957


      Fred Coe........ Producer
    • Delbart Mann........ Director
    • Robert E. Sherwood........ Writer
    • Tad Mosel........ Adapted by
    • Harry Sosnick........ Composer
    • James Wallington........ Announcer
    • Humphrey Bogart........ Cast
    • Henry Fonda........ Cast
    • Lauren Bacall........ Cast
    • Paul Hartman........ Cast
    • Jack Warden........ Cast
    • Richard Jaeckel........ Cast
    • Joseph Sweeney........ Cast
    • Natalie Schafer........ Cast
    • Richard Gaines........ Cast
    • Jack Klugman........ Cast
    • Dick Elliot........ Cast
    • Steve Ritch........ Cast
    • Morris Buchanan........ Cast
    • Julia Montoya........ Cast
    • Frank London........ Cast
    • Dominick Dunne

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