Paley IC Summit 2014

About Paley International Council Summit

The Paley Center for Media's International Council (IC) is an independent forum dedicated to providing common ground for the global media industries. Created in 1995, the IC brings together the chief executives of the world's most important media companies to advance the exchange of ideas among these leaders in global media, entertainment, and technology, and to foster community among them. This is accomplished through both informal and organized discussions on a wide range of critical issues that will define the media and its role in society for generations to come. Past meetings have been held in Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, London, Vienna, Beijing, Cape Town, Montréal, Istanbul, New Delhi, Bangalore, New York, Los Angeles, and California's Silicon Valley.




Who attends?

  • Senior Executives in the media, technology, and entertainment industries who want to understand the global business landscape and the potential for their companies to reach across borders into new markets.

Why should you attend?

  • The Paley Center’s International Council summits are dynamic, interactive events that are guaranteed to engage and inspire even the most jaded and jet-lagged conference goers.
  • Our summits are invitation-only and have a limited number of attendees.

What to expect?

  • Interactive discussions during summit sessions and the opportunity to participate throughout. 
  • Elegant social events at iconic locations that promise opportunities to network and chat with media luminaries and fellow delegates. 
  • Our theme for November will be announced shortly, with a list of industry thought leaders and executives who have confirmed their participation.