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Paley International Council Summit Photo + Video

The greatest minds in media and entertainment convened for a two-day summit to explore and debate the new business, advertising, and distribution models in this age of unprecedented access to information about consumers and the way they interact with content. The increasing volume and detail of information, the rise of multimedia, social media, and mobile ubiquity will fuel this growth in data for the foreseeable future. How does it affect the creative process? How does data disrupt the media industry? What is the long-term impact? Join us as we examine, reconstruct, and reinvent in the age of big data.

The Paley Center for Media's International Council (IC) is an independent forum dedicated to providing common ground for the global media industries. Every session of "The Data Overthrow" was streamed live with our parnters at


Pelle Tornberg's Conversation on Data and Privacy with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt





Comprehensive Video and Photo galleries from past International Council events:
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