A Look Back at Previous Summits

PICS23 TitleSlate Nov 7 8 MAIN

Breaking Boundaries: How New Ideas Are Reshaping Media

PaleyIC22 Main Title Slate1

Forging New Horizons: The Next Era for Media

1920x1080 HoldingSlate PaleyIC 2021

Reimagining the Global Media Landscape


Globally Connected: Media in the 21st Century

2019 PaleyIC Slate FAB
New York 2019

Agility In Media: Navigating the Global Market

2018 Paley IC Summit Main Title Slate 1920x1080
London 2018

Rethinking the Game


2017 PaleyIC Graphic Holding Slate 1920x1080
New York 2017

A Changing World of Global Media


Mexico City 2016

Shaping the Global Marketplace


2015 Paley IC Event Theater Title Slate HOLDING
New York 2015

Deals & Dealmaking


2014 Admissions PaleyIC Speaker Highlight Slide
New York 2014

The Power of Storytelling


2013 PaleyICS Data Overthrow Admission1
New York 2013

The Data Overthrow


IC Madrid Header re design
Madrid 2012

News at the Speed of Life


New York 2012

Innovation Without Borders


2011 PaleyIC LA Beyond Disruption
Los Angeles 2011

Beyond Disruption

2010 PaleyIC The Rebirth of Media Worldwide
New York 2010

The Rebirth of Media Worldwide

2010 PaleyIC Monte Carlo
Monaco 2010

Monte Carlo

2019 IC Promos 1024x576 Previous Summits VIDEOS


Watch highlights of past IC sessions

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Paley International Council Summits Timeline

1995: Rome, Italy

1996: Berlin & Bonn, Germany

1998: Madrid, Spain

1999: Paris, France

2000: London, UK

2001: Vienna, Austria

2002: Beijing, China

2004: Cape Town, South Africa

2005: Montréal, Canada

2006: İstanbul, Turkey

2007: Silicon Valley, USA

2008: New Delhi & Bangalore, India

2009: New York, USA

2010: Monte Carlo, Monaco

2010: New York, USA

2011: Los Angeles, USA

2012: Madrid, Spain

2012: New York, USA

2013: New York, USA

2014: New York, USA

2015: New York, USA

2016: Mexico City, Mexico

2017: New York, USA

2018: London, UK

2019: New York, USA

2020: Virtual

2021: Virtual

2022: New York, USA

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