An Evening with Fringe

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
6:30 pm ET
New York

In Person

Anna Torv, “Olivia Dunham”
John Noble, “Dr. Walter Bishop”
Moderator: Damian Holbrook, Senior Writer, TV Guide Magazine


Fox’s Fringe, recently renewed for a fourth season, just gets better with age. After starting out as an X-Files-derivative series about an FBI division specifically charged with investigating paranormal mysteries, Fringe (created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci) has evolved into a uniquely sublime blend of mind-bending story lines (parallel universes, doppelgangers, a guru who operates out of a bowling alley, etc.); inventive, ambitious artistry (including, most recently, the integration of chunks of animation into an episode—fitting for a series so decisively influenced by comic books); and powerful character drama that, as the A.V. Club has pointed out, infuses the series with “unexpected soulfulness.” The cast, led by Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble, is masterful. Join Torv and Noble for a screening of the episode, "Entrada," followed by a Q&A.

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