Special Screening

Digitally Remastered Classic Doctor Who Screenings: An Unearthly Child

Saturday, January 26, 2013
12:00 pm ET
New York

Travel with us through time and space as The Paley Center for Media and BBC Home Entertainment present classic Doctor Who screenings. These screenings will feature the digitally remastered episodes in the best way: on the big screen, with big sound, and the Doctor Who community.

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Doctor Who: “An Unearthly Child”

(1963; 95 minutes)
The Paley Center helps BBC Home Entertainment kick off its yearlong celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who with this screening of the very first Doctor Who story ever: “An Unearthly Child.” (True, we presented the first episode back in April 2012 with director Waris Hussein, but this time we’re not kidding around—you get the whole four-part arc!)

Susan Foreman is a mystery to her teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. She seemingly knows more than she should about the past … and the future. Ian and Barbara are further baffled when their curiosity leads them to follow Susan home one night, only to find that her “home” appears to be a deserted junkyard. There, they discover an odd police box and a strange old man who claims to be Susan’s grandfather and calls himself the Doctor. The journey of a lifetime is about to begin…


Our thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for making this series of Doctor Who screenings possible.

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