An Evening with Billy on the Street

Monday, December 14, 2015
6:30 pm ET
New York

In Person

Billy Eichner
Moderator: Jason Zinoman, Comedy Columnist, New York Times

The voluble, high-intensity comedic delight Billy Eichner (Difficult People) has startled, browbeaten, and modestly rewarded (hey, a dollar is a dollar) unsuspecting pedestrians on New York City sidewalks for four seasons now on the hilarious Billy on the Street, currently airing on truTV. On this impromptu pop culture quiz show, the manic Eichner buttonholes passersby and interrogates them on the finer points of entertainment—with as much as a cool single riding on the answer. Eichner will discuss the production of this unpredictable, convulsively funny look at the tastes and assumptions of uncoached “civilians,” which, in addition to cracking us up helplessly, functions as one of the most honest and unfiltered explorations of our relationship to mass culture on television.

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