Making Sense of the 2016 Presidential Election

Thursday, June 16, 2016
6:30 pm
New York

In Person

Katie Glueck, National Political Reporter, POLITICO
McKay Coppins, Senior Political Writer, BuzzFeed News
Eli Pariser, Cofounder, Upworthy; Board President,
Additional panelists to be announced.
Moderator: John Dickerson, Host, Face the Nation

As Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times so emphatically stated, political pundits on the presidential primary scene were “wrong, wrong, wrong—to the very end, we got it wrong.” Most of the rules of running for the presidency were broken during this 2016 election cycle. Communications from candidates, often sometimes sent directly through social media, reflect a whole new discourse with potential voters. Our panelists will dissect this evolving, often surreal, landscape of presidential politics, delineating why this campaign is so radically different and what it means for the future of our democracy.

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Funding for this event is provided by
The Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation

Events and participants are subject to change.