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One in this comedy series about a publishing company employee named Martin Tupper whose thoughts become animated through black-and-white clips of old television shows. In this episode, Jodi, Martin's girlfriend and co-worker, makes him late for work by insisting on making love yet again. Arriving at Whitestone, a flustered Martin finds that Toby has dyed her hair brown, then gives a too-honest critique of the new look. Later, Martin meets with Ashlyn and Mack, a writing team whose personal relationship has crumbled, making them unable to finish their book. Angered, he sends the two to a therapy session with Judith. There, Ashlyn reveals that Mack had a one-night affair. Then, the two return to Martin's office, stating that Judith has told them to work on their relationship instead of the book. Upset, Martin tracks down Judith to complain about her therapy, which ultimately makes her angry. Later, Ashlyn arrives at Martin's apartment and reveals that she wants to make love to him, thus evening the score with Jake. She says she'll be able to write again if she's no longer angry. Martin knows that he shouldn't, but he is unable to help himself. Afterward, Jodi arrives and catches the two, causing her to storm away. At their next therapy session with Judith, Ashlyn reveals to Mack that she had sex with Martin. Now, Mack is furious, wanting to kill Martin. Arriving at Martin's apartment, Mack finds Jodi alone and upset. The two decide to have sex with each other to get revenge on their cheating exes. While in the midst of love-making, Martin walks in on them. Now, Martin wants to kill Mack. Soon, the two are fighting, just as Ashlyn arrives to warn Martin about Mack. She's furious to find that Jodi and Mack made love. Then, Judith arrives as everyone is pointing fingers at their fellow cheaters. Somehow, all the trouble seems to lead back to Martin and his "magic penis." The next day, Martin finds Ashlyn and Mack back in his office, having put aside their differences and now able to work on their book -- but not with Martin as their editor. Meanwhile, Jodi has turned to Judith concerning her ongoing attraction to Martin, with Judith putting a very personal spin on her advice.


  • DATE: February 16, 1994 Wednesday 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:25:05
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:74368
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: HBO - TV series, 1990-1996


  • Kevin S. Bright … Executive Producer
  • John Landis … Executive Producer, Director
  • Bill Sanders … Supervising Producer
  • Jeff Greenstein … Supervising Producer
  • Jeff Strauss … Supervising Producer
  • Robb Idels … Producer
  • Ron Wolotzky … Producer
  • Jody E. Sobel … Associate Producer
  • Marta Kauffman … Created by
  • David Crane … Created by
  • Andrew Gordon … Writer
  • Eileen Conn … Writer
  • Michael Skloff … Theme Music by
  • Brian Benben … Cast, Martin Tupper
  • Chris Demetral … Cast, Jeremy Tupper
  • Denny Dillon … Cast, Toby Pedalbee
  • Wendie Malick … Cast, Judith Tupper
  • Dorien Wilson … Cast, Eddie Charles
  • Donna Mills … Cast, Ashlyn
  • Jake Steinfeld … Cast, Mack
  • Heidi Sorensen … Cast, Jodi
  • Sydney Lassick … Cast, Mr. Janovic
  • Christina Venuti … Cast, Nancy