The eleventh edition (1999) of this yearly music awards presentation program which honors Latin music achievements in the United States. This year's program, broadcast live from the James L. Knight Convention Center in Miami and hosted by Spanish television comic Julio Sabala, gives awards in the categories of Pop, Tropical, and Regional Mexican as well as an award for best music video and an excellence award that recognizes outstanding contributions to Latin music over the years. This year the program continues its "young artist with legacy" award and announces a special award to "the song of the century." The program opens with a comic sketch, with the host Sabala in multiple guises, and an opening monologue in which he imitates the quirky singing habits of a number of Latin music stars. Presentations and performances in this segment include the following: Sofia Vergara and Patricia Navidad present the best album, Regional Mexican, to Pepe Aguilar for "Por mujeres como tu"; Enrique Iglesias performs "Nunca te olvidarŽ"; telenovela stars Cynthia Klitbo and Rodrigo Vidal announce the winner for best new artist, Tropical, as Elvis Crespo (who is not present due to a delayed flight); Sabala recognizes the people that work behind the scenes to make this program possible, including Michael Stein, a representative of auditing firm Arthur Anderson; Paulina Rubio and the group Tri-O present the award for best female artist, Pop, to Shakira; Ernesto LaGuardia and Fernando Fiori present the award for best female artist, Tropical, to Olga Ta–—n; Odalys Garcia and Omar Germenos take part in a comic sketch with puppet Pepe Locuaz, then present the first five nominees for best music video; Pepe Aguilar, accompanied by the Mariachi Cobre, performs "Me estoy acostumbrando," then collects the award for best male artist, Regional Mexican, from Edith Gonzalez and Graciela Beltran; former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and Raul de Molina ("El Gordo") present the award for best male artist, Tropical, to Elvis Crespo (not present); Charlie Cardona and Brenda K. Starr announce the award for best female artist, Regional Mexican, for Ana Gabriel (Gabriel is not present and Cardona accepts the award on her behalf); Gabi Rivero and Don Francisco present Pablo Montero with the award for best new artist, Regional Mexican; and Olga Ta–—n sings "Tu amor" in several different musical styles.

Pablo Montero and Javier Romero present the award for best song, Pop, to Ricky Martin (not present) for "La Copa de la Vida," written by Desmond Child, who accepts the award; Yesenia Flores and the band Ark‡ngel R-15 give the award for best album, Tropical, to Elvis Crespo (not present) for "Suavemente"; Don Francisco introduces a video tribute to Los Tigres del Norte, who receive the excellence award; Pepe Locuaz, the puppet, presents a comic sketch involving Don Casimiro (Sabala in disguise) and comedian Rasputin; the second batch of nominees for best music video are presented by El Reencuentre; and Elvis Crespo finally arrives at the ceremony. The award presentations and performances continue: Milly Quezada, Jon Garza, and Luis Perez give the award for best group or duo, Pop, to Mana; Los Tucanes de Tijuana perform (song unidentified); Charlie Zaa and Servando y Florentino present the award for best group or duo, Regional Mexican, which is a tie between Grupo Limite and Los Temerarios (neither present); Sentidos Opuestos present the award for best music video to Enrique Iglesias (not present) for "Esperanza"; Sergio Vargas and Gisselle perform "La quiero a morir"; Franco de Vita and Maite give the award for best group or duo, Tropical, to Milly Quezada and Elvis Crespo. Celia Cruz presents the award for "young artists with legacy," which recognizes to young artists that began careers as child actors or singers and have managed to continue on with a successful career as an adult; after a video tribute, the award is presented to Pedro Fernandez, who then performs (song unidentified). Lesley Ann Machado and Frankie Negr—n present the award for best new artist, Pop, to Carlos Ponce, who then performs "Rezo"; and Hector Sandarti, Millie, and Charlie Zaa present the award for best male artist, Pop, to Ricky Martin (not present).

Lili Estefan ("La Flaca") and JosŽ Guadalupe Esparza present the award for best song, Tropical, to Elvis Crespo for his "Suavemente" and producer Roberto Cora joins Crespo in accepting the award; Celia Cruz and Don Francisco introduce a video montage about the song "BŽsame mucho," which is awarded a prize for being "the song of the century"; composer Consuela Vel‡zquez accepts the award; rock group Mana perform (song unidentified); Emilio EstŽfan and Galilea Montijo present the award for best song, Regional Mexican, to Pepe Aguilar for "Por mujeres como tœ"; Rasputin and host Julio Sabala perform a comic sketch comparing Emilio Estefan to the Godfather, and introduce a performance by Shakira of her song "Ciega sordamuda"; Jaqueline Andere and Sergio Goyri present the award for best album, Pop, which is a tie between Shakira's "Donde est‡n los ladrones," and Mana's "Sue–os l’quidos." Host Julio Sabala bids the audience good night, ending the program. Includes commercials.

(This program is in Spanish.)

Cataloging of this program was made possible by Univisi—n.


  • NETWORK: Univision
  • DATE: May 6, 1999 Thursday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 3:32:03
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:76293
  • GENRE: Award presentations
  • SUBJECT HEADING: International Collection - Spanish - Zone 2; Music, Latin
  • SERIES RUN: Univision - TV, 1999
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  • Julio Sabala … Host
  • Pepe Aguilar … Performer
  • Enrique Iglesias … Performer
  • Mariachi Cobre … Performer
  • Olga Tanon … Performer
  • Pedro Fernandez … Performer
  • Gisselle … Performer
  • Los Tucanes de Tijuana … Performer
  • Carlos Ponce … Performer
  • Sergio Vargas … Performer
  • Mana (music group) … Performer
  • Shakira … Performer
  • Pepe Aguilar
  • Arkangel R-15 (music group)
  • Graciela Beltran
  • Charlie Cardona
  • Desmond Child
  • Roberto Cora
  • Elvis Crespo
  • Celia Cruz
  • de Molina, Raul
  • de Vita, Franco
  • El Reencuentre (music group)
  • Jose Guadalupe Esparza
  • Emilio Estefan
  • Lili Estefan
  • Pedro Fernandez
  • Fernando Fiori
  • Yesenia Flores
  • Don Francisco
  • Ana Gabriel
  • Odalys Garcia
  • Jon Garza
  • Omar Germenos
  • Edith Gonzalez
  • Sergio Goyri
  • Grupo Limite (music group)
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Cynthia Klitbo
  • Ernesto LaGuardia
  • Los Temerarios (music group)
  • Los Tigres del Norte (music group)
  • Alicia Machado
  • Lesley Ann Machado
  • Maite
  • Mana (music group)
  • Ricky Martin
  • Millie
  • Pablo Montero
  • Galilea Montijo
  • Patricia Navidad
  • Frankie Negron
  • Luis Perez
  • Carlos Ponce
  • Milly Quezada
  • Rasputin
  • Gaby Rivero
  • Javier Romero
  • Paulina Rubio
  • Hector Sandarti
  • Sentidos Opuestos (music group)
  • Servando y Florentino (music group)
  • Shakira
  • Brenda K. Starr
  • Michael Stein
  • Olga Tanon
  • Tri-O (music group)
  • Jaqueline Andere
  • Consuela Velazquez
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Rodrigo Vidal
  • Charlie Zaa