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Host Dennis Elsas speaks with rock composer and musician John Lennon in this 1974 interview, which was originally broadcast on WNEW-FM in New York City. Lennon comments on a variety of topics and plays the role of disc jockey by reading weather updates, time checks, and live commercials, while spinning a few of his favorite records. Topics discussed include the following: the title and cover art from Lennon's new album, "Walls and Bridges"; musicians who played on the album; the original cover for the Beatles' album, "'Yesterday'...and Today" -- featuring the smirking mop tops in soiled butcher's attire awash in a sea of dismembered baby dolls; "embarrassing" remixes of Beatles songs on the "Red" and "Blue" album compilations; the much-delayed "oldies" album Lennon worked on with eccentric record producer Phil Spector; Lennon's production of Harry Nilsson's 1974 album, "Pussycats"; the frequency with which he sees the other Beatles; the possibility of a Beatles reunion; the relationship between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones; Lennon's freedom from harassment in New York City; Lennon's problems with U.S. immigration officials who are attempting to deport him; Lennon's reflections on the tremendous success of the Beatles; Lennon's memories of meeting Chuck Berry on "The Mike Douglas Show"; Lennon as a self-described "TV freak"; how fragments from Shakespeare's "King Lear" -- including the "untimely" death of Gloucester -- wound up at the end of the Beatles' "I Am the Walrus"; Lennon's description of his lengthy sound collage "Revolution 9" as an "action painting"; and a one-liner about rocker David Bowie's sexual orientation. Musical selections include the following: "Whatever Gets You thru the Night" (Lennon, with Elton John), "#9 Dream," "What You Got" and "Scared" (Lennon), "Day Tripper," "I Call Your Name," "I Wanna Be Your Man," and "I Am the Walrus" (the Beatles), "Watch Your Step" (Bobby Parker), "Showdown" (Electric Light Orchestra), "I Heard It through the Grapevine" (Marvin Gaye), "Save the Last Dance for Me" (Harry Nilsson, with Lennon), "Gravy Train" (Splinter), "Back Off Boogaloo" (Ringo Starr, with Lennon), "Some Other Guy" (Richard Barrett). "What'd I Say (Part One)" (Ray Charles, live version), "I Wanna Be Your Man" (the Rolling Stones) and "Daddy Rolling Stone" (Derek Martin). Includes commercials.


  • DATE: September 28, 1974 Saturday 4:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:48:22
  • COLOR/B&W: N/A
  • CATALOG ID: R86:0056
  • GENRE: Radio - Talk/Interviews; Radio - Music
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Recording - Industry and trade; Rock music
  • SERIES RUN: WNEW (New York, NY) - Radio, 1974
    • Radio - Commercials - "Joint in the Woods" music club
    • Radio - Commercials - Felix Caviliere album "Felix Caviliere"
    • Radio - Commercials - Maharishna Orchestra album "Apocalypse"
    • Radio - Commercials - The Joffrey Ballet at City Center
    • Radio - Commercials - White Castle hamburgers


  • Plastic Ono Band, The … Music Group
  • The Beatles … Music Group
  • Electric Light Orchestra ("ELO") … Music Group
  • Splinter … Music Group
  • Rolling Stones, The … Music Group
  • John Lennon … Singer, Instrumentalist, Guitarist
  • Elton John … Singer
  • Bobby Parker … Singer
  • Marvin Gaye … Singer
  • Nilsson, Harry (See also: Nilsson) … Singer
  • Starr, Ringo (See also: Starkey, Richard) … Singer
  • Richard Barrett … Singer
  • Ray Charles … Singer
  • Derek Martin … Singer
  • Dennis Elsas … Host, Talent, Felix Caviliere's album "Felix Caviliere" commercial
  • John Lennon … Guest, Talent, Mahavishnu Orchestra album "Apocalypse" commercial, The Joffrey Ballet at City Center commercial, "Joint in the Woods" music club commercial, White Castle hamburgers commercial
  • Chuck Berry
  • David Bowie
  • Mike Douglas
  • Phil Spector
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