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One in this live dramatic anthology series. In this drama, written by Gore Vidal, Peter Chase travels to the western town of Talisman to execute a personal duty on Dennis Leighton, a ruthless political boss who runs the town. Leighton has assumed control of the town and promoted gambling as a way of life, while certain prominent citizens of Talisman have disappeared. When Chase arrives in town, he calls his old war buddy, Harris Rhodes, to reminisce about old times. Rhodes reveals he is running for state congressman -- which indicates that he may be involved with the crooked Leighton. At Rhodes's house, a credible journalist named Ted Murray describes the stories he has written about Leighton's shady character. Suddenly Rhodes's wife, Sally, smells fire and upon investigating, they learn that Ted's house has burned down. Harris Rhodes is about to reveal his suspicions about the source of the fire -- until Leighton shows up. Leighton discusses the upcoming elections and thrills Mrs. Rhodes with the prospect that her husband may be a congressman. Murray returns and confronts Leighton about the fire, but to no avail. Once Leighton leaves and Chase announces his plans to kill him, Rhodes must intercept his friend at the casino to dissuade him from committing murder, while Sally Rhodes calls the mogul to warn him. Once Chase stands before his prey and explains why he wants to kill him, Leighton is merely confused. The two men hold a discussion about the meaning of life, prompting Chase to leave the office with the gun resting on the desk. Leighton then answers the phone, revealing handcuffs on his wrists. As the town political boss is led out of the casino, Murray hands him the morning edition of the paper: the headline states that Leighton has just been indicted for murder. Includes commercials and promos.


  • DATE: February 6, 1955 Sunday 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:59:32
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W
  • CATALOG ID: T:40573
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1948-1955
    • TV - Commercials - Philco televisions and phonographs
    • TV - Promos - "Goodyear Television Playhouse"


  • Gordon Duff … Producer
  • Robert Alan Aurthur … Associate Producer
  • Robert Mulligan … Director
  • Gore Vidal … Writer
  • Jay Jackson … Announcer
  • John Hudson … Cast, Peter Chase
  • E.G. Marshall … Cast, Dennis Leighton
  • Frank Overton … Cast, Harris Rhodes
  • Elisabeth Fraser … Cast, Sally Rhodes
  • Sally Chamberlin … Cast, Dora Rhodes
  • Paul Tripp … Cast, Ted Murray
  • Ed Walsh … Cast, the Bodyguard
  • Griff Evans … Cast, the Ticket Agent
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