The first in this short-lived drama series about the seemingly ordinary Day family of Philadelphia. Every episode depicts twenty-four hours in the family's life. In this episode, teenage son Cooper writes in his journal, counting down the days until his "liberation" from the house and describing his parents Jack and Abby, his genius little brother Nathan and his high-achiever older sister Natalie. In the morning, Jack declares the need for a family meeting, and once at school, Cooper spots Natalie having a serious conversation with her boyfriend Lane. Cooper's teacher pulls him aside and praises his recent short story, though Cooper objects to being stereotyped as the "black sheep" of his family based on his writing. Abby heads to work at an ad agency and banters with her assistant and friend Tyler, and Nathan sits down to an intimidating placement test. Elsewhere, Natalie takes another kind of test and admits to her friends that she is pregnant, and Emma tells her that she cannot continue playing on the soccer team in her condition.

At work, Jack convinces a woman to accept a settlement on a case involving a dangerous medication, though he admits to the other lawyer, his longtime friend Gib, that he is no longer happy in his profession. Abby receives a call that Nathan has had another panic attack during his test, and when Jack learns that his company is callously firing a hundred low-level workers right before Thanksgiving, he quits in protest, determined to do something more meaningful with his life. Emma tells the school about Natalie's pregnancy against her wishes and Jack is summoned to the principal's office, and Abby finds out as well when Cooper is suspended after getting into a fight with Lane. The family struggles to process the news and Lane comes over and suggests to Natalie that she terminate, but she reacts angrily to his selfish attitude. Abby tries to focus on work, and Nathan admits to Cooper that he is intimidated by a girl in his class, Maria. Jack tries to rescind his resignation, but his boss Peter tells him that he has already been replaced and sends him away. On her way home, Abby is stunned to receive a call from the doctor learning that she too is pregnant.

Abby comforts Natalie, urging her to "listen to her heart" in making her decision. Jack has a heart-to-heart with Cooper, observing that they have been alienated from one another for some time, and Natalie later talks to Emma, wondering if she told on her out of genuine concern for her or out of a desire to take over as the star of the soccer team. Abby assures Jack that he was right to quit his job, as he had long been unhappy with it, and they vow to "make it work" with the pregnancy. They soon realize that Nathan has vanished, however, and Cooper reveals that he gave him some fraternal advice about his crush. Nathan travels to Maria's home and woos her with flowers, much to the amusement of her relatives. That night, Cooper updates his journal with the day's many events, and the family finally sits down to a belated dinner. Includes commercials and promos.


  • DATE: July 18, 2004 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:58:39
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:84221
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 2004
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Kenmore appliances^TV - Commercials - Nissan automobiles^TV - Commercials - Dove exfoliating soap^TV - Commercials - T.G.I. Friday's restaurants^TV - Commercials - Snuggle fabric softener^TV - Commercials - Olive Garden restaurants^TV - Commercials - Lincoln automobiles^TV - Commercials - MasterCard credit cards^TV - Commercials - Whirlpool appliances^TV - Commercials - Hanes apparel^TV - Commercials - DHL shipping services^TV - Commercials - Degree anti-perspirant^TV - Commercials - GM automobiles^TV - Commercials - Suave shampoos^TV - Commercials - Domino's Pizza restaurants^TV - Commercials - Sears stores^TV - Commercials - McDonald's restaurants^TV - Commercials - Visa check cards^TV - Commercials - Bounce fabric softener^TV - Commercials - T-Mobile cellular services^TV - Commercials - The Fund for Animals^TV - Commercials - Boys & Girls Clubs of America^TV - Commercials - United States Peace Corps^TV - Commercials - World Vision association^TV - Commercials - Dove conditioner^TV - Commercials - Toyota automobiles^TV - Commercials - Universal theme parks^TV - Commercials - Crest Night Effects teeth whitening^TV - Promos - "The Funniest Families of Television Comedy"^TV - Promos - "Life As We Know It"^TV - Promos - "Desperate Housewives"^TV - Promos - "Extreme Makeover: Trading Faces: Meet Your New Sister"^TV - Promos - "The Staircase"^TV - Promos - "The Village" motion picture^TV - Promos - "NYPD 24/7"^TV - Promos - "The Days" upcoming episode


    • Brian Robbins … Executive Producer
    • Michael Tollin … Executive Producer
    • Joe Davola … Executive Producer
    • Peter Tortorici … Executive Producer
    • John Scott Shepherd … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • Timothy Johnson … Supervising Producer
    • Michael Pendell … Producer
    • Christopher J. Connolly … Associate Producer
    • Chris Long … Director
    • Jeff Martin … Music by
    • Marguerite MacIntyre … Cast, Abby Day
    • David Newsom … Cast, Jack Day
    • Evan Peters … Cast, Cooper Day
    • Laura Ramsey … Cast, Natalie Day
    • Zach Maurer … Cast, Nathan Day
    • Warren Christie … Cast, Lane Dugan
    • Claudette Mink … Cast, Tyler
    • Courtnee Draper … Cast, Emma
    • Malik Yoba … Cast, Gib Taylor
    • Andrew Airlie … Cast, Peter Daniels
    • Susan Bain … Cast, Farm Woman
    • Samantha Banton … Cast, Female Lawyer
    • Tony Braga … Cast, Hispanic Boy
    • Ari Cohen … Cast, Male Lawyer
    • Anastasia Corbett … Cast, Maria Romorez
    • Casey Dubois … Cast, Teddy Biddle
    • Sergio Garcia … Cast, Vic Romorez
    • Alana Husband … Cast, Female Assistant
    • Christie Laing … Cast, Player #2
    • David Lewis … Cast, Dan Fallon
    • Camille Martinez … Cast, Mrs. Romorez
    • Nicole McKay … Cast, Player #1
    • Michael Karl Richards … Cast, Exec
    • Ryan Robbins … Cast, Mr. Marley
    • Marie Stillin … Cast, Dean Waring
    • Catherine Thomas … Cast, Coach
    • Elias Toufexis … Cast, Josh