One in this comedic drama series about a circle of friends living in New York City.

Adam and Hannah engage in some sexual role-playing, although it doesn’t seem to work for her as she had hoped. Marnie and Charlie also have sex, although she finds she can’t look at him while it’s happening. Jessa plans on getting an abortion and she has Shoshanna’s support in the matter. Hannah prepares to leave Adam’s apartment the following morning, explaining that she has a job interview and later she will be accompanying Jessa to her abortion. The discussion turns to the topic of safe sex, and Hannah discovers that Adam is having unprotected sex with his other partners. Charlie and Marnie talk about their increasingly confused sexual habits and Marnie seems to believe that Charlie should have some sort of unspoken understanding in this regard, although he feels uncertain of himself. He leaves as Hannah returns, and Hannah and Marnie talk about her fraying relationship with Charlie; Hannah points out that they have been seeing each other for over four years and it is possible that Marnie is simply “bored” with him.

Hannah becomes increasingly worried that she may have gotten a sexually transmitted disease from Adam. She convinces Marnie, who works as the receptionist in a health clinic, to schedule an appointment for her to get tested. Hannah talks to Jessa and Shoshanna about it, and Shoshanna believes the answer to her dilemma lies in a trashy self-help book that she adores. Jessa becomes offended that Shoshanna and Hannah have read that book and believe that it does not respect her own sexual preferences. Hannah believes something is bothering Jessa and tries to determine what it is, but Jessa tells her to stop and suddenly announces that she wants to have children with partners of multiple different races and would be “really good at it.” Hannah, somewhat taken aback by this, leaves to attend her job interview. She seems to get along well with the person interviewing her until she inadvertently refers to him as a date-rapist. He reacts poorly to this jest and sends her away.

The time of Jessa’s abortion appointment comes around, but she decides to go to a bar and order drinks for herself instead. Hannah arrives at the clinic a few minutes late and learns from Marnie that Jessa has not yet arrived. Marnie confesses that she has been panicking about the whole thing and feels that she has to become a mother at some point. Shoshonna arrives late as well bearing candy, much to Hannah and Marnie’s irritation. At the bar Jessa offers a stranger, a young man named Morgan, the use of his phone so that he can call his mother. Marnie keeps trying to get in contact with Jessa, but she does not answer her phone. Hannah fills out paperwork for her STD test, commenting on her lifelong fear of getting AIDS and concerns about the effectiveness of condoms. Jessa and Morgan go into the bar’s bathroom together and start making out. She has him put his hands in her pants and he discovers that she is bleeding, but she ignores this and continues making out with him.

Marnie and Shoshanna still wait for Jessa to arrive at the clinic; she is now over an hour late to her abortion appointment. Marnie is upset with Jessa for her irresponsibility and her apparent lack of any kind of response to her displays of friendship. Shoshanna interrupts Marnie, revealing that she is a virgin. Marnie tries to give her some reassurance and calm her down, although she is uncertain of what to say. Meanwhile, Hannah is inspected by a gynecologist who she tells about her fear of AIDS, although she has an odd affinity for the “advantages” it might bring to her life. The gynecologist insists otherwise and continues her inspection.


  • DATE: April 22, 2012 10:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:27:16
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 109992
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: HBO - TV series, 2012-


    • Lena Dunham … Executive Producer, Director, Created by, Writer
    • Judd Apatow … Executive Producer
    • Jenni Konner … Executive Producer
    • Ilene S. Landress … Co-Executive Producer
    • Bruce Eric Kaplan … Co-Executive Producer
    • Peter Phillips … Co-Producer
    • Dan Sterling … Consulting Producer
    • Lesley Arfin … Writer
    • Sarah Heyward … Writer
    • Michael Penn … Music by
    • Lena Dunham … Cast, Hannah Horvath
    • Allison Williams … Cast, Marnie Michaels
    • Jemima Kirke … Cast, Jessa Johansson
    • Zosia Mamet … Cast, Shoshanna Shapiro
    • Adam Driver … Cast, Adam Sackler
    • Christopher Abbott … Cast, Charlie Dattolo
    • Mike Birbiglia … Cast, Brian
    • Morgan Krantz … Cast, Morgan
    • Sakina Jeffrey … Cast, Gynecologist
    • Midori Tashima Nakamura … Cast, Nurse
    • Justin James Lang … Cast, Bartender
    • Julian Osti … Cast, Julian