One in this comedic drama series about a circle of friends living in New York City.

Adam shows Hannah old home movies of himself as a little kid. Marnie is annoyed by them having sex in the next room, as she has not yet gotten over her breakup with Charlie. Adam tries to get Hannah to exercise more by going running with him, although she complains the whole way. They head back home together and get ice cream, which Hannah is surprised to learn that Adam dislikes. Marnie enters and voices her jealousy of Charlie, who went with his new girlfriend Audrey to Rome for a few days. Adam is sympathetic towards Marnie and advises her simply to “do what feels good.” Adam takes Hannah to a rehearsal for a play he is in, and Jessa arrives at the apartment feeling exhausted. She is upset that Hannah is not around to console her about losing her job. They bond over their mutual dislike of Hannah’s unreliability and various quirks. They also talk about how they perceive Adam to be weird and how Hannah doesn’t seem to notice his strangeness.

Hannah watches Adam perform his scenes and he gets into an argument with one of his co-stars, who believes that his material could use more comedy since it seems to embody solely depressing material. In the middle of a scene Adam decides to leave the production despite the fact that they open in two weeks; his co-star and investor in the show Gavin is highly upset at this development. Hannah tries to convince Adam that he should give him another chance and that sometimes compromise is needed, but Adam refuses. He nearly walks into a speeding car and angrily yells at the driver. Jessa tries to give Marnie some support, but Marnie believes that Jessa is only feigning friendship and doesn’t care about her at all. Marnie dislikes being thought of as “the uptight girl” and Jessa advises her not to ruminate on it so much.

Back at Adam’s apartment, Hannah decides to take a shower, and is startled when Adam suddenly enters the shower with her to give her a bar of soap and shampoo. He urinates on her in the shower, sending her into a panic. Marnie and Jessa go out for drinks together and tell each other stories about losing their virginity. A handsome man at the bar buys them both drinks, intriguing Marnie. Adam tries to apologize for urinating on Hannah, but does not soothe her feelings. Hannah again tries to convince Adam to give the play another chance, but he still refuses. He feels that his “integrity” is on the line by having his name attached to the play as one of its writers. She insists that what Adam did is “honest” and has some special quality to it, and so Adam changes his mind about the play, albeit under a pseudonym. Marnie and Jessa go over to talk to the man who bought them drinks, self-proclaimed venture capitalist Thomas-John although he doesn’t properly remember Jessa’s name. He invites them back to his apartment to share a bottle of wine with him and Marnie accepts his invitation, although Jessa makes her distaste for him clear.

Marnie and Jessa go back to Thomas-John’s apartment, where he starts spinning records on a makeshift DJ table. Marnie laughs at his lame jokes while Jessa remains stoic. They both lay down to sleep on his shag carpet and he lays down with them and starts touching them inappropriately. Jessa decides that she wants to leave and says goodbye, and suddenly Marnie kisses Jessa on the lips. Jessa goes with it and starts making out with Marnie, pushing Thomas-John away when he tries to join in. Thomas-John becomes incensed when Marnie accidentally spills wine on his rug and demands that they have a threesome. They do not accede to his request and he goes on a meandering rant about how hard he’s been working and how disrespectful they’ve apparently been, but Jessa blows him off and leaves with Marnie. Adam wakes Hannah up in the middle of the night and asks her to come with him. He takes her outside onto the street and apologizes for screaming at the driver that nearly hit him earlier that day. Hannah kisses him and Adam promises to do the play so that Hannah can watch it. He has her help him put up a series of banners reading “sorry” in the hopes that the driver from before will pass by again and see them.


  • DATE: June 3, 2012 10:40 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:29:19
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 109993
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: HBO - TV series, 2012-


    • Lena Dunham … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • Judd Apatow … Executive Producer
    • Jenni Konner … Executive Producer
    • Ilene S. Landress … Co-Executive Producer
    • Bruce Eric Kaplan … Co-Executive Producer
    • Peter Phillips … Co-Producer
    • Dan Sterling … Consulting Producer, Writer
    • Jody Lee Lipes … Director
    • Lesley Arfin … Writer
    • Sarah Heyward … Writer
    • Michael Penn … Music by
    • Lena Dunham … Cast, Hannah Horvath
    • Allison Williams … Cast, Marnie Michaels
    • Jemima Kirke … Cast, Jessa Johansson
    • Adam Driver … Cast, Adam Sackler
    • Chris O'Dowd … Cast, Thomas-John
    • Henry Zebrowski … Cast, Gavin
    • Mark Phillips … Cast, Bartender