One in this series of comedy shows hosted by Ben Stiller, with ensemble cast members Andy Dick, Janeane Garofalo, and Bob Odenkirk. This episode is also co-hosted by Dennis Miller, and dialogue between Stiller and Miller is interspersed throughout the show. The program begins with four parodies of well-known movies or television shows: "Three Men and an Old Man," in which three friends care for an invalid; "Manson," in which an all-American family keeps Charles Manson as a pet; "What Fits: by Dru Pee," an advertisement for clownswear, set at a poetry reading for clowns; and "America's Most Suspicious," in which Danny Bonaduce helps concerned citizens pursue suspicious people in their neighborhood. Also featured in this portion are two sketches, "Casting Call -- Beethoven" and "Casting Call -- The Mighty Ducks," in which famous actors audition for parts in these two family films. The last sketch is "The Pig Latin Lover's Ariety-vay Estacular-spay," a variety show with Susan Anton and Rip Taylor, set on a tropical island where pig latin is spoken. Commercials deleted. This program is closed-captioned.


  • DATE: December 20, 1992 Sunday 10:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:23:02
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:45532
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: Fox - TV series, 1992-1993


    • Ben Stiller … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • Judd Apatow … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • John Fortenberry … Supervising Producer
    • James Jones … Producer
    • Robert Caplan … Associate Producer
    • Charlotte Roewe … Associate Producer
    • John Fortenberg … Director
    • Ben Stiller … Director, For "Casting Couch" and "Manson"
    • David Cross … Writer
    • Jeff Kahn … Writer
    • Dino Stamatopoulos … Writer
    • Robert Cohen … Writer
    • Brent Forrester … Writer
    • Bob Odenkirk … Writer
    • Greg O'Connor … Composer
    • Dweezil Zappa … Theme Music by
    • Scott Roewe … Music (Misc. Credits), Additional Music by
    • Fred Tallakses … Choreographer
    • Jennifer Branda … Researcher
    • Ben Stiller … Host
    • Dennis Miller … Host
    • Susan Anton … Cast, herself
    • Judd Apatow … Cast, Foxy the Fox
    • Danny Bonaduce … Cast, himself
    • Alvin Hammer … Cast, the Old Man
    • John O'Donohue … Cast, Mr. O'Conner
    • Jeffrey Roth … Cast, Timmy
    • Rip Taylor … Cast, himself
    • Andy Dick … Cast
    • Janeane Garofalo … Cast
    • Bob Odenkirk … Cast