One in this comedy series about the travails of self-centered therapist Fiona Wallice and her practice of conducting short Internet-based therapy sessions with her clients via webcam.

In this episode, Fiona calls her wealthy Boston-based mother, Putsy Hodge, and tries to make Putsy invest in her new creation, "web therapy." Putsy is taken aback by the concept, and flatly refuses. Putsy reviews their perpetually tortured relationship, forcing Fiona to explain why they've never been close. Putsy lets it slip that she's recently given $100,000 to Kip, who she continues to adore.

Next, Fiona speaks with her first client, Ted Mitchell, who questions her methods after he recalls his history of "traditional" therapy sessions. Fiona gets particularly impatient when Ted questions her credentials. Fiona ultimately discovers that Ted has been hired by the Lachman Brothers to evaluate her before they agree to invest. Ted hangs up when he says that he's seen enough of Fiona's "technique."

Gina connects with Fiona by accident while trying to watch "Jersey Shore." Gina misinterprets Fiona's request to send her Ted's report, instead expressing sympathy that the Lachman Brothers don't trust Fiona. Gina also comments on Richard's potential feelings for Fiona. Finally, Gina announces that she's having sex with Jeremy to prevent being fired.

Ted then calls back and says he's willing to give Fiona another chance. Ted sets up the story of his "friend" who is having marital problems, then asks Fiona to offer advice. While engaging in "word affiliation," Ted begins to sob and Fiona deducts that he was abused as a child. Ted admits that he's had a breakthrough and will now give her a positive review.

Later, Ted calls back and says he's experiencing "narcissistic self-mortification" and that he can't face his life. Fiona proves unsympathetic and tells him to "simply move on." She also says that the Lachmans have released funds, which have greatly improved her business. Fiona tells Ted that she now has limited time to see him anymore, then sets about stealing his clients.


  • NETWORK: Showtime
  • DATE: August 2, 2011 11:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:28:41
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 111190
  • GENRE:
  • SERIES RUN: Showtime - TV series, 2011-


  • Lisa Kudrow … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Dan Bucatinsky … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
  • Diane Charles … Executive Producer
  • Ron Qurashi … Executive Producer
  • Jodi Binstock … Co-Executive Producer, Producer
  • David Codron … Co-Executive Producer
  • Kyle McNally … Associate Producer
  • Don Roos … Director, Created by
  • John Swihart … Music by
  • Matthew Engst … Theme Music by
  • Lisa Kudrow … Cast, Fiona Wallice
  • Bob Balaban … Cast, Ted Mitchell
  • Jennifer Elise Cox … Cast, Gina Spinks
  • Lily Tomlin … Cast, Putsy Hodge