One in this series of adventure dramas about the exploits of the Impossible Missions Force.

In this episode, the team is tasked with tracking down Kruger Schtelman, who is set to be released from a 25-year prison sentence for war crimes and who intends to use a hidden stash of SS money to fund a neo-Nazi coup in Europe. Aware that Schtelman has never broken during his daily interrogations with Colonel Jaroslav Sardner, the IMF prepares to kidnap him during his transport back to prison. With two days left on his sentence, Schtelman informs Sardner that he has no intention of giving up any information about the alleged funds, rejecting his final, desperate offer of a life pension and declaring that he would rather be remembered as one who was eternally loyal to his country. On the way back to the prison, the IMF team poses as monks to interrupt the convoy. Schtelman is quickly taken, with Sardner noting that the plan, crafted by either Schtelman's SS friends or by Western agents, was "meticulous."

Schtelman awakens in a submarine alongside a woman -- Tracey -- who seems to have been brutally interrogated by Sardner. He learns from "Captain Hartmann" and "Herr Rednitz," really Phelps and Paris, that he is being taken to SS headquarters. Paris demands to know what Tracey told "them" during her capture. Though Schtelman protests that the injured woman is not yet dead, Paris and Phelps coldly throw her out of the submarine – which is revealed to be an elaborate set constructed by the IMF. Schtelman grows suspicious of his captors, though Paris shows him his SS tattoo, and "Hartmann" confirms that is he "regular Navy," snidely pointing out that the SS requires outside help to ensure victory "this time." Worried that he, like Tracey, will be suspected of giving in to the enemy, Schtelman protests that the secret funds will prove his loyalty, as they are still full of the stolen monies.

Collier, positioned outside of the "submarine," uses sound effects and pulleys to create the sensation of a dive to the bottom of the sea, and as Sardner carefully searches for the kidnapped prisoner, the submarine seemingly comes under attack. "Hartmann" ruthlessly drowns "Rednitz," claiming that they need to lessen their weight in order to survive. Sardner soon learns of the existence of the nearby warehouse, and when Schtelman is told that they must escape the submarine, he frantically tells "Hartmann" the numbers of the accounts in which the money is hidden, wishing him to communicate his fidelity to SS headquarters if he does not survive the swim. Collier jots down the numbers as Phelps escapes the submarine; they quickly make their escape as Sardner arrives at the warehouse and finds the fake submarine. Schtelman emerges and, realizing the trick, declares that Sardner finally managed to get the critical information out of him at the eleventh hour – not understanding that they have both, in fact, been hoodwinked. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: November 16, 1969 10:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:50:42
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:88786
  • GENRE: Drama, action/adventure
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, action/adventure
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1966-1973


  • Bruce Geller … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Bruce Lansbury … Producer
  • Barry Crane … Associate Producer
  • Paul Krasny … Director
  • Donald James … Writer
  • Lalo Schifrin … Music by
  • Peter Graves … Cast, James Phelps
  • Leonard Nimoy … Cast, Paris
  • Greg Morris … Cast, Barney Collier
  • Peter Lupus … Cast, Willy Armitage
  • Lee Meriwether … Cast, Tracey
  • Stephen McNally … Cast, Kruger Schtelman
  • Ramon Bieri … Cast, Colonel Jaroslav Sardner
  • William Wintersole … Cast, Raskov
  • Albert Kramer … Cast, Carella
  • Steve London … Cast, Somers
  • Gene Tyburn … Cast, Sergeant