One in this series devoted to commentary by Orson Welles on current events. On this program, Welles first discusses snags in the ongoing peace talks, recalling a 1919 editorial cartoon predicting that the Versailles Treaty would lead to trouble for the "class of 1940." Reviewing the record of the recently-ended 79th Congress, Welles singles out for special criticism legislators who demanded a U.S. veto in the World Court and those who defeated a bill promoting international student exchanges. Returning to a topic introduced in the previous week's broadcast, Welles takes up the case of Isaac Woodard, a black veteran blinded in a beating by a white Aiken, SC, policeman. The mayor of Aiken has written Welles to deny that such a beating occurred in Aiken. Welles suggests that if the mayor's assertion is correct, the town of Aiken should help the investigators Welles has sent to the area to find Woodard's attacker.


  • DATE: August 4, 1946 Sunday 1:15 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:15:00
  • COLOR/B&W:
  • CATALOG ID: R88:0208
  • GENRE: Radio - Talk/Interviews
  • SUBJECT HEADING: U S Congress - 1946
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - Radio series, 1946


  • Orson Welles … Host
  • Isaac Woodard