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One in this comedic series about a city filled with crime and the night court of Judge Matthew J. Sirota, which tries to tackle it. In this episode, Sirota learns that a mob hit man who he once jailed has been paroled and may want revenge. In court, Sirota tackles cases on dog-napping; a potentially pornographic movie called "A Mother's Goose," and the issue of gay marriage. Finally, the mob hit man arrives in court, leading to a showdown with Sirota. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: December 27, 1976 Monday 8:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:25:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:69475
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy; LGBT Collection
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1976


  • Tim Steele … Associate Producer
  • David Shire … Music by
  • Michael Constantine … Cast, Judge Matthew J. Sirota
  • Cynthia Harris … Cast, The Court Clerk
  • Kathleen Miller … Cast, The Public Defender
  • Ted Ross … Cast, The Private Attorney
  • Fred Willard … Cast, The Assistant District Attorney
  • Owen Bush … Cast, The Marshall
  • Emory Bass … Cast, Ravenburst
  • Richard Karron … Cast, Wilson
  • Annie Potts … Cast, Dawn
  • Phillip R. Allen … Cast, McKay
  • William Bogert … Cast, Lombardi
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