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One in this series of live, late-night comedy/variety programs featuring topical satire. This program is hosted by Desi Arnaz and features performances by Arnaz and his son Desi Arnaz, Jr. The program opens with a skit in which cast regular Chevy Chase plays the role of President Gerald Ford; he goes to a therapist (played by Dan Aykroyd) and repeatedly misinterprets the therapist's instructions. Highlights include the following: a mock commercial in which Garrett Morris (as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter) promotes the National Express credit card from a jail cell; a skit featuring Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin as couple who receive an unusual surprise in bed; Laraine Newman as Luciana Vermicelli, a woman who promotes her beauty book from a coffin; an installment of "Literary Recital" in which Arnaz offers a unique rendition of a well-known Lewis Carroll poem; and Chase's appearance as soulless singer "Very White," who attempts to imitate singer Barry White. According to Weekend Update anchor Chase: President Ford states that he will win the New Hampshire primary and secondary; Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) announces that he is still not running for president; and Muhammad Ali denies allegations that most of his recent fights have been with easy opponents. In addition, the Patricia Hearst trial is depicted using a Betty Boop cartoon. Other highlights of the show include the following: a skit that involves a crossover between "The Untouchables" and "I Love Lucy," with Desi Arnaz as mobster Raul Nitty and Gilda Radner as his wife, Lucy; a parody of "I Love Lucy," in which Lucy (played by Radner) tells Ethel (played by Curtin) about one of her crazy schemes to perform at the Tropicana Nightclub; Desi Arnaz's performance of "Cuban Pete," with his son, Desi Arnaz, Jr.; a short film by Gary Weis featuring poet Taylor Mead and his cat; a skit in which Arnaz plays a doctor who uses Cuban acupuncture to cure patient Jim Belushi's migraines; and a promotion of Arnaz's new book by Radner, appearing as Lucy once again. Desi Arnaz then performs "Babalu," and the show ends with Arnaz and his son leading a conga line in the studio. Includes commercials. Commercials include Mariette Hartley for Nestlé's chocolate morsels.


  • DATE: February 21, 1976 Saturday 11:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:23:38
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:02112
  • GENRE: Comedy/Variety
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Comedy; She Made It Collection (Anne Beatts); She Made It Collection (Marilyn Suzanne Miller); She Made It Collection (Rosie Shuster); TV - Parody
  • SERIES RUN: NBC - TV series, 1975-
    • TV - Commercials - Bic lighters
    • TV - Commercials - Borden's Cheez Kisses
    • TV - Commercials - Certs breath mints
    • TV - Commercials - Clairol's Nice 'n Easy hair color
    • TV - Commercials - Coca-Cola soft drink
    • TV - Commercials - Drano drain cleaner
    • TV - Commercials - Gillette Cricket butane lighter
    • TV - Commercials - Gillette Right Guard anti-perspirant
    • TV - Commercials - Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food
    • TV - Commercials - Nestle's chocolate morsels
    • TV - Commercials - Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
    • TV - Commercials - Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough
    • TV - Commercials - RCA XL-100 ColorTrak televisions
    • TV - Commercials - Scotch C-Box cassette storage system
    • TV - Commercials - Vicks decongestant nasal spray
    • TV - Commercials - Yamaha Chappy bike
    • TV - Promos - Delta airlines
    • TV - Promos - World Championship Tennis Challenge Cup


  • Lorne Michaels … Producer
  • Dave Wilson … Director
  • Anne Beatts … Writer
  • Chevy Chase … Writer
  • Tom Davis … Writer
  • Al Franken … Writer
  • Marilyn Suzanne Miller … Writer
  • Michael O'Donoghue … Writer
  • Herb Sargent … Writer
  • Tom Schiller … Writer
  • Rosie Shuster … Writer
  • Alan Zweibel … Writer
  • Desi Arnaz … Performer, Host
  • Desi Arnaz … Performer, Special Guest
  • Dan Aykroyd … Cast
  • John Belushi … Cast
  • Chevy Chase … Cast
  • Jane Curtin … Cast
  • Garrett Morris … Cast
  • Laraine Newman … Cast
  • Gilda Radner … Cast
  • Ali, Muhammad (See also: Clay, Cassius)
  • Lucille Ball
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Carter, Rubin "Hurricane"
  • Gerald Ford
  • Hearst, Patricia (See also: Hearst, Patty)
  • Edward M. Kennedy
  • Taylor Mead
  • Barry White
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